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Stuck Locked Necessary Information for Bug Reports
Posted 7 months ago by Katze
Posted 7 months ago 0
Posted 6 years ago by Xylax
MatheusEdu7B (#87181) replied 8 months ago 0
[FORWARDED] Whack a Snake says I'm not logged into Lioden
Posted 8 months ago by Sherni {Glass Eyed Onyx King}
Lordfell (#67724) replied 13 minutes ago 50
April Fools Mugshots bugged with Lab Test Frog
Posted 4 months ago by Mad Hyena
Posted 4 months ago 0
[FORWARDED] Can't Get My Cub
Posted 1 year ago by Crow
🏳️‍🌈 Lutlut (#121831) replied 5 hours ago 3
Reverse Bred Lioness losing mood
Posted 12 hours ago by Alax [they/them]
Mad Hyena (#29080) replied 6 hours ago 1
[FORWARDED] Explore Resetting
Posted 3 years ago by EarthUponWater
Drakine (#65247) replied 18 hours ago 173
hoard wont show up & cant buyout trades
Posted 1 day ago by WhisperWillow
WhisperWillow (#56341) replied 22 hours ago 6
Encounters Showing Up at Wrong Time/Season
Posted 22 hours ago by Fletcher
Posted 22 hours ago 0
Serengeti Shuffle Glitch
Posted 2 days ago by Dante
Dante (#200112) replied 23 hours ago 3
Harbinger quest bug
Posted 2 days ago by 🌻Sunflower🌻CleanSoulNsrF
Posted 2 days ago 0
bugged unsorted den
Posted 3 days ago by Terminator
Posted 3 days ago 0
[FORWARDED] hoard item showing 0 or -1 uses
Posted 1 year ago by 🖤💛HHufflepuff💛🖤
l0st08 [StillHasARolledKing] (#208344) replied 4 days ago 7
[FORWARDED] Can't give Lion Scrotum to mutie
Posted 4 days ago by Shozurei
Posted 4 days ago 0
[FORWARDED] Lion Balls can be given to too many.
Posted 3 months ago by Starblazer
Alphia (#102545) replied 1 month ago 5