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Stuck Locked Necessary Information for Bug Reports
Posted 5 months ago by Katze 🏳️‍🌈
Posted 5 months ago 0
Posted 6 years ago by Xylax
MatheusEdu7B (#87181) replied 5 months ago 0
Inactive (active) side?
Posted 10 hours ago by 🐐 Goattmann|Side|Clean
Michael (#16) replied 4 hours ago 1
Trade/gift selection invisible items
Posted 1 month ago by Mushu :3 (Ornament Felis)
Guava (Ruffian Raffle Clone) (#166910) replied 1 day ago 8
Raffle Prizes being miscounted
Posted 1 day ago by WaterBat
Posted 1 day ago 0
[FORWARDED] Explore Resetting
Posted 3 years ago by EarthUponWater
Pipper (#130780) replied 2 days ago 158
[FORWARDED] Sent back to zone 1 while exploring on phone
Posted 1 year ago by Vin💙G2 Arctic pie 3x Ros
Posted 1 year ago 0
Male, where I don't have slot for him
Posted 3 days ago by Hazel (side)
Posted 3 days ago 0
Disappearing markings after death
Posted 1 week ago by Tribe of Gushing Water
Posted 1 week ago 0
[FORWARDED] Battles changing opponents
Posted 3 years ago by Hendrix
Siren Sings (#177644) replied 3 days ago 76
[FORWARDED] Equipper: Some Decors not Displaying
Posted 1 year ago by Shad
🏳️‍🌈 Shad (#16848) replied 2 weeks ago 22
Serengeti Shuffle tiles
Posted 1 month ago by 🔸️sᴀɴᴛʜᴜs🔸
Bengal (#198237) replied 4 days ago 2
Leather Collar flipped on king head portrait
Posted 1 week ago by Sir Jasper (G2 Dorsal)
Sir Jasper (G2 Dorsal) (#152275) replied 4 days ago 5
After first click in Explore, server froze
Posted 4 days ago by Frost (Clean Ice Shadow)
Posted 4 days ago 0
Trading Center freezes Browser
Posted 7 months ago by Corvus [Spectre|Dawn|ASR|NSR]
Corvus [Spectre|Dawn|ASR|NSR] (#101790) replied 5 days ago 20