Owned by Duskee

The Moonpool Formation

Birds are calling throughout the dark savannah as you pad through your usual path in the unknown territory. The twinkling stars above shine bright as Apedemak smiles down on you, the crescent moon beaming. Your paws slink through the grass as you see the path in front of you begin to shine, little specks appearing to light your path.

little pebbles embedded in your path lead you to somewhere. The glowing path leads you to a large shrub formation. You see small beams of light as you try to wriggle inside.

The interior holds a small pool, It shines bright and you pad up to it. It seems there are a few items inside, but as you reach it to grab them, the strange liquid freezes to your paw.

"Hello" a light voice calls above you. You see a large black mamba wrapped in the branches above, as you start to hiss, she speaks, "no, no, young one," she chuckles,"I do not want to hurt you. The items in the pool are protected by something magical."

Her eyes shine. You question how to acquire them. "maybe, for a few beetles, the water may warm for you for a time." Her black tongue flicks out of her mouth. Waiting for you to choose your move.

I am open to exchanging items listed for GB for SB at a rate of 1:1300.

I will only accept trades if the values are similar. I am not interested in decor.

Items For Sale in The Moonpool Formation
1 / 40
Eye Applicator: B...
Eye Applicator: Bismuth
Uses: 1