Belongs to Hru'Zatu's Pride
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As'Sama Duskpaw

"RW Scout "

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This lioness is in heat and will be for 0 more days.
Lion Stats
30134 / 35640 (84%)
Level 19
Strength 82 Speed 90
Stamina 96 Smarts 121
Agility 82 Skill 80
Total Stats: 551

Lion Currents
Age 12 years, 9 months old
Gender Female
Pose Default
Messy (Neutral)
Breeding Info
Father Unknown Mother Unknown View Full Heritage
Last Bred More than 20 days ago Fertility Low View All Cubs Bred (2)
Appearance Markings
Base Caramel (Brown Skin) Slot 8: Golden Back Hair (89%)
Slot 10: Henna Low Flow (44%)
Genetics Cream Dark Solid Common
Eyes Olive
Mane Type Normal
Mane Color Fawn
Mutation None
Marking Slots
Equipped Decorations

Giant Pouched Rat
Scar: Cheek
Scar: Front Leg Right
Scar: Long Right Eye
Scar: Belly Scratch
Scar: Hind Leg Left
Scar: Muzzle
Total Hunts 396 Successful Hunts 392 Success Rate 98%


As'Sama Duskpaw - Scouting Huntress

She was bored living in her dull pride and traveled south. Thanks to her curious, reckless and very clumsy nature,
she almost got herself killed by failing to cross a pool of quicksand. Luckily Hru'Zatu stopped by to save her from drowning. When As'Sama asked what she could do in return, her King said that joining his Pride would be enough to
repay him. Her companion is Sama the giant pounced rat, whose organized personality opposes her own.

"Whatever it is, I wanna check it out!"