Belongs to Hru'Zatu's Pride
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Qrua'Ra Twigchaser

"RW Trapper "

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This lioness is in heat and will be for 3 more days.
Lion Stats
29865 / 35640 (83%)
Level 19
Strength 109 Speed 82
Stamina 82 Smarts 99
Agility 110 Skill 89
Total Stats: 571

Lion Currents
Age 11 years, 11 months old
Gender Female
Pose Default
Loud (Snarky)
Breeding Info
Father Unknown Mother Unknown View Full Heritage
Last Bred Never Fertility Low View All Cubs Bred (0)
Appearance Markings
Base Deep Fawn (Red Skin) Slot 3: Scoria Cover (93%)
Genetics Cream Medium Countershaded Common
Eyes Tan
Mane Type Normal
Mane Color Khaki
Mutation None
Marking Slots
Equipped Decorations

Common Raven [1]
Scar: Back Scratch
Scar: Belly Scratch
Scar: Cheek
Scar: Hind Leg Left
Scar: Long Left Eye
Scar: Nose Scratch
Total Hunts 393 Successful Hunts 390 Success Rate 99%


Qrua'Ra - Trapping Huntress

In her former Pride, Qrua'Ra would often go tinkering around with branches, bones and sticks, building primitive
gadgets and inventions with her bare paws, talking to herself most of the time. One day, she went out to scavenge
some supplies, but she got intercepted by Ki'Raya's hunting party, who brought her before their King. She joined the
Wild Whisperers shortly after. Ra, her raven Companion, is a quiet, smart bird.

"Mpfh.. Hey, did you see that?! I made this, ahaha!"