Sapphic Queen Sappho IV

Lion Stats
2764 / 21560 (12%)
Level 15
Strength 87 Speed 89
Stamina 89 Smarts 88
Agility 103 Skill 14
Total Stats: 470

Lion Currents
Age 13 years, 3 months old
Energy 40 / 100
Fatherly (Kind)
Breeding Info
Father Lorne Corvo Mother View Full Heritage
Last Bred N/A Fertility N/A View All Cubs Bred (124)
Appearance Markings
Base Rough Ruby (Dudley Skin) Slot 1: Ice Cover (40%)
Slot 2: White Eyebrows (100%)
Slot 3: White Genteel (100%)
Slot 4: Hyena Spots Heavy White (100%)
Slot 5: Maroon Coat (20%)
Slot 6: Cherry Undershine (91%)
Slot 7: White Mottled Fissures (100%)
Slot 8: Feline 6 Ebony (100%)
Slot 9: Feline 6 Maroon (100%)
Slot 10: Sunset Feralis (100%)
Genetics Red Dark Countershaded Special
Eyes Amethyst
Mane Type Savage
Mane Color Ice
Mutation Primal (Ferus)
Marking Slots
Equipped Decorations
Charming Night

Splash of Sapphic (Ferus
Lab Test Frog
Brilliant Gem
Eyed Pansy
Vernonia karaguensis

Double Rainbow
Attacks Defended 7 Explore Steps Taken 14715 NPCs Defeated 303
Lions Sent Away 32 Lions Killed 0
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"am I allowed to look at her like that?
could it be wrong, when she's just so nice to look at?"

Her eyes opened slowly, limbs stiff after sleeping on them wrong, but looking at the beautiful view in front of her, she couldn't care less. The sunrise, of course, was nice too, but the true beauty that took her breath away was the sight of Solanio, dozing peacefully next to her- really, half on top of her, but she certainly doesn't mind. As the world around her began to slowly wake up; birds chirping as they pecked through the green grasses of the wet season in search of seeds, the distant rumble of a herd on the move, the gentle whisper of the grasses around her; so did her lover. The golden lioness currently entangled in the long limbs of the queen stretched, reaching forward to press her muzzle lovingly against Sappho's. Waking up like this was more than worth walking through the hellscape of discrimination she faced, and she made a silent promise to herself to never let herself get too caught up to spend time with her love.

Sappho was brought into the pride as a scrawny, nervous cub. She came from a horrific 'trading center', where rumors of forced slavery swirled around the young lioness's head until she was dizzy with anxiety. She waited with bated breath as she grew into an adolescent, waiting for the terrible treatment to start... but it never did.
The king, Timit, never had such plans. He was kind-hearted, if a bit unintelligent at times, but he made up for it with a heart of silver. Not quite gold, but still pretty good. He trained her as his apprentice, showing her the ropes and making sure she receive fair treatment. With her long teeth and gangly paws, she was sure to be bullied. But Timit refused to let her take any of it to heart.
Over time, she developed into a gorgeous warrior, willing to fight for her loved ones. And love she did. With a mentor like Timit, she was sure to grow up with a big heart, and hers surpassed even her teacher. Sappho loved with everything she had, every breath, every quark in her body. 
This love wasn't always returned. She was seen as undesirable, with her strange looks and still too big teeth. Until she met Solanio. The fierce primal was entirely entranced by the alluring lioness, but never dared to hope she would return the sentiment. But return she did. 


Sappho spent the entire morning pacing the length of her den. "Come on, you can do this, you're worth it. She'll love you for who you are." She told herself, before falling to insecurity. "Maybe she's already happy with someone else... I've seen her with like 4 lionesses..."

Her bouquet of wildflowers lay several feet from her paws. She had intended to give them to Solanio, but looking at them... Sappho had picked them too early, so they were slightly wilted. "Maybe I should just call it off..."

A voice capable of making Sappho trip over her own paws filled the den. "Call what off?" Solanio asked, oblivious.

Shitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshit. She stepped in front of the bouquet, trying to hide it from view. "U-uh, nothing. Nothing. What are you doing here?"

Solanio ignored the question and stepped around her. "Oh, who is this bouquet for? Someone in the pride catch your fancy?" She teased, trying to mentally guess who it was. Was it Quini? I heard he was leaving the pride anyways.

Sappho felt her voice go up a million octaves. "Yeah, you could say that..."

The golden lioness bounced excitedly. "Who is it? Does he know? Oh I'm so happy for you!" Wish you were into girls. She thought to herself.

"..... No, she doesn't know..." Sappho avoided Solanio's gaze, afraid that her friend would be mad.

Meanwhile, Solanio's brain short-circuited. YO SHE'S GAY SHE'S GAY SHE'S GAY SHE'S GAY SHE'S GAY SHIT

When Solanio didn't reply, Sappho stepped backwards. "I-I'm sorry. I thought you were- I thought you liked gir- I'm sorry." The primal panicked, shuffling her paws.

Solanio raced forward. "No no! Girls! You're- you're girls?" Wow, real smooth, dumbass.

Sappho cracked a grin. "I'm girls." She turned to the flowers, now slightly trampled. "These are- well.... They're for you. I wanted to know if you'd like to... hunt with me sometime." She finished awkwardly.

Solanio stretched onto her tiptoes and brushed her muzzle against Sappho's. "I'd love to."


Sappho was introduced to Solanio's loving harem of ladies, who she got along great with. They were quite the eclectic group, bound only by their love of this strange lesbian goddess. Finally, Sappho had somewhere she could channel all of her love to, and she never once felt the jealousy for the rest of the lucky ladies who got the attention of Solanio. She herself is busy with monarch training, so she doesn't mind sharing the love of her life.
When she can afford to ditch training, she takes her lover out on a picnic beneath the stars, talking and grooming and simply loving.


Everyone noticed Timit slowing down. His fur grayed, his skin sagged, his eyes clouded. He would have to announce an heir soon. The only adult male at the time was Niria, who was an... okay lion. He had a nasty streak, but Sappho was sure she could put up with him and make sure her loved ones were safe from his wrath. As Timit's days dwindled, Sappho made mental preparations for submitting to her new king. But on the day that Timit announced his heir, everyone was shocked.
It was unprecedented. His words rang in Sappho's ears, but they just sounded like garbled noise. She couldn't process it. Her? As the next queen? The cheering of her pridemates rose around her, ecstatic that they would have such a sweet and loving ruler. She stood and walked closer to Timit, her friend, her mentor. Sappho was in a daze as he completed the ceremony, blinking warmly at her with his tired eyes before retiring to play with the cubs. She looked at the sky, barely streaked with pink as the sunrise faded, and knew that she would remember this day for the rest of her life.


Soon after her coronation, she came across a hauntingly similar lioness- another queen by the name of Sappho, an outsider by her biology, and a lover of lionesses- all rolled into one confident, stunning creature. Our Sappho, Sapph, was head over paws the moment she laid her eyes on her. It took several patrols close to Sappho's territory and many pep-talks in the reflection of the watering hole, but finally Sapph worked up the courage to talk to this mysterious beauty. Sapph, all but tripping over her paws, managed to win the affections of her beloved, patiently letting her fail at pickup lines until she assured her that, yes, she was definitely interested. They spent several nights together, but Sapph had her own pride to run. "Alas, how terribly we suffer, Sappho. I really leave you against my will."


Around that same time, she met another badass queen. Though not romantically involved, she's extremely fond of Marilyn Monroe, the queen of a pride a few territories away. On quiet days, the two groom together and gush about their respective girlfriends. Marilyn has more than once drawn blood in an argument about who was gayer. Sappho won the argument, of course- you can't mess with teeth those size- but Marilyn put up quite the fight! Patient as she is, it took many visits to convince Marilyn to open up to her, but their friendship was well worth the wait.

Sappho grumbled the entire walk there. She hated the idea of socializing right now- one of her litters had just been lost, and she was in no mood to talk with anyone but her mates. But, as Solanio so helpfully pointed out, she needed to keep up appearances. That's how she found herself making the trip to the 'Great Barbeque'- a grisly metaphor for the... lowering of the groupie populations. She sat at the very edge of the area, trying to avoid breathing through her nose so she wouldn't have to smell the 'manly musk' of all the unhygienic kings around. A rage-filled screech snapped her out of her moping. She shot to her feet on instinct, being quite used to breaking up scuffles in the pride. As Sappho crept closer, avoiding the males trying to make themselves seem cooler, she noticed a half-white lioness battling, wait 3 lions at once?
  Shit. She tried to intervene, avoiding the whirling claws, before finally resorting to crushing the lioness with her larger frame until she settled down.

"What's going on?" She lowered her voice, not wanting to rile the ferocious female up.

Finally shoving the weight off of her, the lioness stood and tried to straighten her fur. "One of those brutes stepped on my tail." She replied haughtily.

The brute in question shoved his way forward. "Yeah right, you crazy bitch. You just got pissy that I called you out on being a dyke. Why else would you not want me? I'm a fucking prime specimen" He slurred. Ah, so they found the marula fruits and got drunk. Lovely.

Sappho studied her paws for a moment. "See, normally I try not to resort to violence. It sets a bad example for my cubs." Faster than he could blink, she had him pinned by the throat with her very intimidating teeth extremely close to his face. "But my cubs aren't here, now are they?" Her claws lightly pricked his skin. "Now, you are going to apologize to her this instant, or your balls will make some lovely dwarves."

He squeaked out an apology and scrambled into the crowd, tail between his legs.

Lowering her stance into something much less intimidating, she approached the lioness again. "A-are you alright? Did I hurt you during the intervention, miss....?" She trailed off.

The lioness moved closer, her tail working under Sappho's chin. "I'm Lochstar. And that was quite the performance there." Her eyes turned hard again. "But I could've handled myself."

Sappho tried not to show how affected she was. "W-well, I'm sure you could, but you see.. I had to make sure the lesson would stick." She shuffled her paws.

Lochstar rolled her eyes. "Well, thanks anyways, 'knight in shining armor'. Let's get out of here. This party sucks, and I believe I owe you a marula fruit."


Her paws had grown weary, her pelt ragged, her teeth worn and cracked. It seemed like an eternity ago that she had been made the Queen, and though it was tough at times- hell, most of the time- she wouldn't have it any other way. Ever since Solanio received Bastet's light, they could stay together forever. But forever could only last for so long.

She knew her days were numbered. Sappho spent nearly every waking moment with her mate, who doted over her and never allowed her more than a whiskers distance away. It was in this situation that Bastet found them, searching for Solanio for some old-fashioned stress release. It was in this situation that Solanio found herself explaining their plight, tears barely held back as she felt her heart break a little more.

Without a word, Bastet turned and left. Solanio lashed her tail, visibly agitated that her lover would just ignore her troubles like that, but Sappho simply held Solanio closer. Days later, Bastet returned with an extremely pissed off Anubis in tow.

"-already shared your light, why are you still meddling in the business of mortals!" It was clear that Anubis had put up a fight the entire journey.

Bastet's eyes glowed a dangerous gold. "Because she is my lover and it breaks me to see her hurt." She hissed at him, fur spiking. "I-I'm sorry. I shouldn't take it out on you." She turned away, shuffling her paws. "Is there anything we can do?" Bastet finally finished, laying her head on Solanio's shoulder.

The canid sighed dramatically. "I guide souls, not save them!" He gazed upwards and tapped his foot, deep in thought. "Well, I suppose... Yes, there is a way. It's a simple reincarnation."

Bastet jumped to her paws. "How do we do that, then?" She practically mewed excitedly.

"We don't. When her time is up, I'll guide her soul right into a cub. She'll retain her memories, though she'll have to face puberty again. And it won't come cheap." He yawned, settling into a stray sunbeam.

"H-how much?" Solanio spoke up, hesitantly. Her pride didn't have much to offer, but she was desperate.

Anubis chuckled snottily. "Oh no, dear. Not from a mortal like you. But it'll take some favors from your celestial lover there." He winked at Bastet.

The goddess curled her claws into the dirt below them, gritting her teeth. "Fine. Whatever it costs. Solanio is worth the price."

The canine stood and summoned a portal, a dark rip in the sky swirled with void and starlight. "Come to get me when it's time. And if you wake me from a nap again, I'll make sure to leave fire-ants in your nest. I still know where the entrance is from our own.... adventure."


By Sappho's estimates, she had a few weeks max left in this form. She was determined to still be a functional ruler as she looked for her... replacement... and as such she found herself wandering onto further territories. She had not traveled far when her paws began to grow weary, her pads worn and cracked with age no longer taking her as further as they used to. Sappho tried to slow down to catch her breath, but it was too late. As she felt her limbs give out from underneath her, she smelled the distinct smell of several species of rare flowers.

The next thing she knew, she was being groomed by at least 3 small felids. She looked around her, the intoxicating scent of flowers causing her to become drowsy while the lull of a waterfall contributed to her sleepiness. Combined with the gentleness of the felines, she felt sleep overtake her once more.

She awoke with a start a second time, the felids replaced by a fluffy lioness, a primal just like her. "Oh! You're awake! Oh good, I was so worried. My name is Ophelia! My mate found you passed out, so we brought you here. You've been asleep for a day and a half."

Sappho jumped to her paws- well, tried to. Her joints popped in protest and she fell forward onto her face. "A day and a half? I-I need to go! Solanio will be so worried about me..."

Ophelia blinked at her. "Go? You just arrived! You need your strength, I don't want you getting hurt on the way back." She hopped to her paws much faster than Sappho did. "Don't worry, my pridemates will take care of you, and feed you, and protect you and-" She trailed off, forgetting where she was going with the statement. Her words had begun to run into each other due to the speed she was trying to talk at.

Sappho struggled to her paws. "I...." She sighed in defeat. "Thank you."


Sappho forgot that Solanio was the best tracker in the pride. When she didn't come home for the night her stubborn lover traced her all the way to the flowery pride, ready to kick ass and take names.

What she wasn't ready for was a weekend at the spa. Ophelia doted on the two, eager to have someone to relate with and care for.

Needless to say, it took the two several days to go home.


Anubis was there alongside Bastet as Sappho drew her last breath. Solanio was curled around her and felt the life ebb from her lover. She looked pleadingly at Bastet, but she could offer no solace. This was all up to Anubis.

The canid pulled out a jar- a rainbow one, how fitting- and managed to trap the pale blue whisper before it got lost. "Give me a few days."


Three days. Three absolutely heart-wrenching, aching, days for Solanio. She could hardly move without her love, to the point where several of her other lovers brought her everything to eat and drink, and there was never a moment without a lioness soothingly grooming her. But every moment was still daggers to her heart.

Finally, finally, she heard a familiar voice, much younger and less tired than the last time she heard it. "You didn't miss me too much, did you?"

Solanio gasped and launched herself towards Sappho. "Oh you're back! It was agony, my love." She took a step backward. "Y-your teeth...? And your tail?"

Sappho shuffled her paws. "I- Anubis said that I was something called a 'primal', and it didn't carry over... I hope that I... Hope that you can still love me. I'm still the same lioness you fell in love with." Her pale eyes glimmered with tears.

Solanio pulled her even closer. "I don't care what you look like, baby. I love you for you. You'll always be my fluffbutt." She purred roughly, attacking her in a flurry of smooches.


Without the menacing teeth of the primal, her martyr complex now had serious flaws. She learned that the hard way.


She'd made a special trip under the guise of visiting Haarkon, but in reality she was passing a message from her own teenagers to Veðrfölnir. When Sappho got there, however, she was met with Veth's peers teasing them again. The occurrence had lowered ever since the... incident... but teenagers are ruthless.

Sappho stalked over to the group with a low growl. "Don't you children have something better to be doing?" She spat, venom evident in her voice. To her dismay, however, they just laughed it off.

"Don't you have some flowers to smell, punk?" The nearest male jeered as his friends murmured in agreement.

Sappho looked up to search for Haarkon before aiming a heart smack at the male's side. It wasn't enough to hurt, it was just intended to knock the breath out of him and intimidate the others. But her mercy was her downfall.

Outraged, the male leaped onto her and fastened his teeth into her ear. The rest of the teenagers circled the two fighting lions, several knocking Sappho to the ground so that the leader could continue his attack. 

Luckily for Sappho, Solanio never let her too far out of her sight. She sprang from the shadows viciously, her lean muscles from seasons of hunting visibly rippling like a glorious horse. If Sappho was able to see her lover she would no doubt be a huge gay mess. Nevertheless, Solanio had no problem throwing the teenagers around, Veth joining in to leave them with a few scars they'll remember.

Once the dust had settled, Sappho sneezed the blood out of her nose. "I think it might be best if we trained again as we used to, love."


Sappho the Second took her last shuddering breaths gazing lovingly into Solanio's eyes. "I'll be back soon, my love." She murmured before her vision faded away. Anubis huffed dramatically and grabbed her whisper before sauntering off.


Until a few bullies came along.

"Hey PUPPY! Where's your chickenshit boyfriend, out gorging himself?" Anubis heard a jeer from his left and swiftly turned away and began to run- right into the broad chest of a teenaged lion.

"Going somewhere, dog breath?" The lion in front of him rumbled menacingly, stepping closer to the jackal.

"You can't kill me, you know. Just leave me alone." The dark canine snarled, pretending to be confident.

"Or what? You'll call your daddy on us? I'm sure he'll appreciate that." The first voice piped up, chuckling.

The second lion swiped at Anubis, knocking the vial out of his shaky paws. It seemed to fall in slow motion before shattering onto the rocks, the whisper trailing out in a sparkling cloud. Faster than Anubis could react, it was vacuumed up- right into the lion that broke the vial.

"Oh, scarabs."


Something was wrong with Sappho. Anyone could see that. Since the latest rebirth she had fits of rage, attacking anyone near her and violently throwing things around.

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