View Adaire's Pride

Adaire, the Bone Collector

Lion Stats
1678 / 1760 (95%)
Level 5
Strength 233 Speed 216
Stamina 254 Smarts 233
Agility 190 Skill 3
Total Stats: 1129

Lion Currents
Age 6 years, 10 months old
Energy 100 / 100
Slightly Impressive
Loner (Neutral)
Appearance Markings
Base Maroon (Pink Skin) Slot 1: Cherry Glaze (100%)
Slot 2: Sunset Feralis (96%)
Slot 4: Nimravus White (100%)
Slot 5: White Blaze (100%)
Slot 9: White Tuxedo (37%)
Slot 10: Saffron Feline Unders (98%)

This lion has 2 markings hidden on the following slots:
12, 17
Genetics Red Light Countershaded Rare
Eyes Pink
Mane Type Normal
Mane Color Angelic
Mutation Piebald (Withered)
Marking Slots
Equipped Decorations
Dark Forest

Lab Test Frog
Snake Skin Bodywear [Dark]
Leather Collar
Night Vapour
Lich Eyes
Lich Essence
Dark Bone Armour
Albino Snake Decor
Demonic Dust
Cloak of Darkness

Celestial Wings [Bottom]
Attacks Defended 0 Explore Steps Taken 2837 NPCs Defeated 33
Lions Sent Away 0 Lions Killed 0
Studding Services
This male lion is offering studding services, for a price of 1 GB OR 400 SB. Lionesses must have a minimum of 1% fertility to breed.

This male lion has 14/15 studding slots left open this week.

* Selecting an item to send with the request will remove the item from your hoard and apply it to the stud if your request is accepted. If your request is removed or denied for any reason the item will be returned to you. Multiple items can be sent at the same time providing they do not cancel each other out in their effects.

* Breeding to a mutated stud does not affect your chances of conceiving a mutated cub unless the stud is a variation of piebald or primal.
When approaching to greet everyone today, one of your sub-males stepped on your paw. You decided to treat it as a tussle invitation which turned into a partial cuddle.

You greet Subaru regally and he greets you back with a bowed head, licking your chin in reverence.

You turn around, feeling a little irked by a biting insect - but you notice it's Seth, trying to fork your tail tuft into two split ends.

"Don't pester me today, mortal cub. I am training." Seth has no patience to converse today, so you sit and watch him in silence for a while as he does push-ups.

Seth is resting on your back and stroking your mane in silence.

"You know, I've been watching you during battles and you have pretty impressive and muscular paws. Can I touch the paw pads?" Seth doesn't really wait for your permission and hastily grabs your paw, pressing his fingers against your paw pads to bring out your claws, which he touches eagerly to check out their texture and sharpness. It feels kinda nice, so you just let him do whatever he needs to do to satisfy his curiosity.

Seth is humming something, but you don't know the tune. Maybe it's an ancient Egyptian anthem sang during festivals dedicated to him. You wonder if it might be depressing to him to know he'll never hear the music he loved so much ever again.

"If we put a monkey on your submale's back, could we have a race? I love racing so, so much. No, I understand that YOU would be the one doing the running, but *I* will be the one doing the winning."

"Come on, let's wrestle!" Surprised and unprepared, you're slammed to the ground by Seth's fighting moves. "Too slow, cub."

"Lions have many wives, huh? I've noticed it is very convenient for breeding. Do you have many husbands as well?" Seth asks you, wondering about the habits of lions. He notices your tilted head. He narrows his brows and looks away. "I don't mind either, myself, as long as your lover doesn't cut your testicles off." He murmurs angrily and starts to viciously stroke your mane. Maybe it's time to change the subject. The past is the past.

"Anubis is my son. I can't believe his temple was untouched. It is good to know that. Maybe after everything is over, I could visit him. We haven't spoken in centuries."

"Bast just wasn't my type. I couldn't care less if her temple was destroyed or not. Maybe she's your type, though. You know, feline features and all."

Seth is resting on the ground, drawing hieroglyphs in the sand. You see pictures of a lion, a Sha dog animal... thing, an owl, trees, some various signs... and a giant erect penis with a line going down from it. Is... is that a real pictograph? When you ask him, he explains it means "husband, or a man, depending on the context." You wince your eyes and smudge the drawing, unhappy that you don't know the context of it. Seth huffs and jumps at you, wrestling with your snarling mouth.

"We take the form of beings that worship us, so that they feel connected with us. To humans I appear as a beautiful man. Perhaps you dig sleek weredogs. Nobody's judging you."

"What creature am I? I am the Sha. No, perhaps it doesn't explain much. What do you want to see me as?" Seth looks at you, then at himself with a minor irritation. Perhaps he would like to have a lion vessel after all.

You stretch after a small nap and check on Seth. He's plucked the feathers off of a falcon that he hunted down, and is eating it raw.

"Let's bet some shiny beetles that I can strangle a snake with my bare hands. If it bites and kills me, at least we know you can revive me, heh."

Seth is resting next to you, carving a spear out of a branch. "Ready to train today? I have a good idea for a challenge."

Swaying her hips gently, Peri approaches you with a warm welcome.

Blanc rubs cheeks with you, then rubs her body against yours. You shiver slightly as her tail tip brushes your back.

Upon seeing you, Blanc mreows loudly and furiously rubs her head against your chin.

Yokai approaches you with a detailed report on the pride's whereabouts the night before.

You grow sad, realizing that the lioness you'd considered your adopted mother, Yokai, was growing weaker and more tired as the days passed. Frowning in thought, you remembered all the nice memories you had with her, and all the playful banter you threw at eachother. Sighing, you moved to lie down next to her, and begin thoughtfully cleaning her ears. The Primal chuffed, looking back at you with calm eyes before returning the grooming with thunderous purring and a steady tongue. You could feel her sides trembling with the effort, but you couldn't let go.. not yet.

While sharing a meal with the pride, some pride mates begin joking about Tok's silly cub shenanigans. He laughs alongside everyone, and shares even more embarrassing stories!

You were napping, but some movement caught your attention. Lacey was coming towards you with a gerbil snack, but then she stopped. Walked away. Came back. Now she looks like she wanted to bolt. You closed your eyes and pretended to be asleep still, and she finally delivered her gift to you.

Rose rests in a very adorable looking pose and lets out a purr-like sound when you approach.

You come back to the den and find your favorite sleeping spot covered with flowers. Rose is sitting by, sparkles in her eyes, to see if you like it.

A cub wants a story before bedtime. Alright, fair enough. You settle next to them and tell them about that one time Apedemak came up to you while exploring and you got in a fight over stars or fireflies…

Zeki runs over to Grandpaw Zodiax and pushes under his paws to hide. When another cub comes over and asks him where Zeki is, Grandpaw Zodiax says he has no clue!

You hear Zeki giggling wildly, and trot over to take a look. It seems Grandpaw Zodiax decided to spend some time playing with Zeki, and has now fallen asleep. Zeki thinks his snoring is absolutely hilarious.

You were feeling a little distressed at an argument that broke out earlier. Thankfully, Kobi came up to you to nuzzle you and tell you it wasn't your fault. She's right - and you feel better.

You were enjoying a nice sunbeam when something began clawing your tail. Ah, it's Steele. Ouchie, please leave some fur on there, little one.

Kip goes into a tirade about how some other pride member displeased her. You pat her shoulder and let her vent her emotions.

As you walk up to her, Anthon stares at you intently. She awaits a greeting, and does not return one until you have given exactly 6 nuzzles and a lick to ply her with..

As you approach to bump her forehead, Sinon grabs your head and starts licking your snout softly.

Tobias enthusiastically brought you a wildebeest liver as a treat! Too bad it's your least-favorite food. Ah well, he doesn't have to know that.

You stumble upon Faustus alone in a secluded bushy area. He seemed to be in the middle of practicing cool poses. You stare at each other for a bit before you just...leave him to it.

You went up to Amaterasu to ask how hunting practice went today. She instead told you all about a cool bird she saw on the way. You guess she doesn't really want to talk about it. Ah well.

You settle down to munch a nice, fat, gerbil. Or....not. Tibbs nyoomed over, grabbed it, and nyoomed away. Awwww...

You got stung by a wasp in your last territory patrol, but luckily a kind, loner Lioness was around to gently lick the wound. You feel better after her gentle tending.

Una doesn't want a bath. Well too bad. They can cry and moan all they want, but they smell like butt. You catch them between your paws and give them a good licking.

You hung out with Steele over dinner. She sometimes says stuff that seems so mean and yet... you feel as if you've never laughed harder in your life.

You walk by the sleeping Solo unsuspectingly, when she sticks out one paw in front of yours. You trip and fall on your snout. Yikes!

You were busy checking the borders of your lands. After making sure everything was safe, you heard from your other pride mates that Fitz said he could check twice as fast! Riiiiiiiggghhht.

Ugh, sometimes getting tangles out of your mane is such a hassle! Luckily, Blackout offers to help. She is magical at mane-detangling, and you are grateful for her aid.

Zeki turns her back towards you, lifting her tail up high and twitching it a bit.

Una wanted to go swimming with you. Really. Though, now you are waiting for them in the water and they're sitting on the shore, too terrified to move. Hah.

You made the mistake of asking Miedan how your mane looked today. She just grinned and remarked that it looked great compared to your face. Ouch. Put some snuh on that burn.

As you two greet each other, Amaterasu moves away when you get too close. You try to approach her again, and she begrudgingly accepts the friendly nuzzle you offer her. She looks a bit bothered about it, though.

When the night falls, a gaggle of young cubs who've just learned to walk clambers over Grandpaw Blaise Spell and asks for a story. The old lion chuffs before he gets into a cautionary tale of that one time you got stuck in a tree after you played a leopard in a game of pretend.

When you come near, resting Rusty makes a little coo in her throat, then rolls over to show her belly. She blinks slowly at you and coos again when you groom her.

As you prepare to patrol your territory, you notice 💕Putsy/Puggs💕 spending some quality time with Grandpaw Blaise Spell. How nice. "Uh... where do cubs come from? Well... you see, little one, when two lions love each other very much, or like each other enough, or hate each other--" Wait, what?! You quickly snatch 💕Putsy/Puggs💕 by the scruff of their neck and run away. They are too young to have "The Talk"!

You accidentally stepped on a pride mate's tail, and they seemed angry. You decided to ask Exo for advice on how to best apologize - she always knows what to say!

You wanted to say hi to Miedan but she keeps roaring at a noisy bird way up high in some branches. You sit down and wait it out.

Newly Claimed Groupie approaches you and starts licking your muzzle, cheek and ear. You obviously should look your best today.

You flop down for a nap, and Newly Claimed Groupie joins you for a good snuggle! Best cuddle buddy ever.

Newly Claimed Groupie seems to hide something under her paw as you greet her, apparently not intending to share whatever tidbit she is holding.

You nearly jump five feet in the air when a huge spider suddenly appears in your sleeping spot! Luckily, New Cub ran over immediately and threw it out for you. Holy crap.

You saw Exo leap up to grab a bird yesterday - cool! You ask her how she did it, and she is quite happy to show you and help you practice!

Cub appears out of nowhere and attempts to tackle you! Sadly, he just thuds against you and flops onto the ground. Stupid cub.

You thought New Cub was dutifully trying to catch fish for the pride, but it turned out he was just admiring his reflection. What a buttmunch.

Newly Claimed Lioness is lying in your favorite sunny spot, fast asleep. You tried to nudge her off. Nope. A nip? Nope. You bodily flop on her. Nope, she is STILL not moving! Dang.

After greeting each other, Normani feels offended you did not give her enough attention and doesn't seem to be interested in you for the rest of the day.

You sneak up on New Cub, purposefully badly. The little one finds your crappy stalking hilarious, and is giggling while trying to pretend you've got them!

You pass by New Cub and nod a greeting. She is smiling calmly, and returns your greeting. That... can't be a good thing.

As you pass by, cub rolls over onto her back, inviting you for a light tussle.

You ask New Cub if she wants to join in the play tussling, but she politely shakes her head no, for she is quite content just watching.

Upon your approach, Meriah pauses licking her paw and boops your nose, giggling.

You were having a nice conversation with Meriah when she suddenly suggests heading to the jungle to look at the cool fungi! Wait, right now? Really?

Cub ran towards their Grandpaw Allaric with a lovely ostrich feather in their mouth, only to trip and completely wreck the feather in the process. Cub is on the verge of tears until Grandpaw Allaric picks them up and promises to find them all the ostrich feathers in the world.

Tired from a long day of exploring, you flop next to Steah. She starts telling you an embarrassing story from a pride mate's cubhood. You're soon laughing too hard to be tired.

Bobbed tail plops next to you and tells how he's proud to work under your leadership. You wonder if he ever wants to be a king, but he nuzzles you and says no - he'd be a poor replacement for you!

Every time you get comfortable for a nap, Thyia keeps trying to eat your feet. Maybe you ought to swat the little bugger. Just a little. They'd get a kick out of it anyways…

You bump chests with New Cub. He's your bro!

Saddled with story time, Grandpaw Lycoris takes some delight in telling his grandcubs about the magical stone that he sent so many lions to in order to please Apedemak. "One touch is all it takes," he purrs. "Don't you wonder how painful it is to die?"

When Cub starts playing a bit too rough, Grandpaw Lycoris harshly swipes at them, eyeing them ferociously. Cub whimpers and flees, their tail hiding between their legs. Maybe Grandpaw Lycoris just doesn't like games?

Several cubs ask Grandmaw Lycoris for a bedtime story. Grandmaw Lycoris agrees, and tells them in great detail about the many lions she has slain. The cubs are very quiet for the rest of the night.

As you walk up to her, Kieori stares at you intently. She awaits a greeting, and does not return one until you have given exactly 6 nuzzles and a lick to ply her with..

You grin at Wyther and asked if she found out where the wildebeests were moving to, like you asked her to yesterday. Her greeting faltered and she looked guilty. Oh, she forgot. Again.

You playfully got into a tussle with New Cub, and although you were stronger than her, you still felt clumsy and big-footed compared to her light steps and dexterous pivots.

When cub starts playing a bit too rough, Grandmaw Lycoris harshly swipes at them, eyeing them ferociously. Cub whimpers and flees, their tail hiding between their legs. Maybe Grandmaw Lycoris just doesn't like games?

When you approach Newly Claimed Lioness, she does not stop cleaning herself in her private area and the licking sound gets even louder.

Cub ends up wandering a little too close to Grandmaw Lycoris as she sleeps. Grandmaw Lycoris snarls at Cub and aims a swipe at them before they scarper to the safety of the other side of the den.

After spotting Cub push over one of their siblings in the mud, Grandmaw Lycoris pulls them aside and, with pride, tells them they should always take advantage of the weak.

New Cub rests in a very adorable looking pose and lets out a purr-like sound when you approach.

New Cub pushes away another lioness trying to greet you, demanding you greet her first. Right now. After all, the fun does not start until she's around.

Feirah's ears perk slightly, but she does not acknowledge you as you approach, as she is snoozing.

You find Heriet just as she made a great hunting pounce. You praise her and she positively glows. Warm fuzzies all around!

Cub wanted to go swimming with you. Really. Though, now you are waiting for them in the water and they're sitting on the shore, too terrified to move. Hah.

You greeted Maihae in passing, but she seemed embarrassed to say hi. She seemed to be desperately hiding some brambles caught in her fur from you.