ᏕᎥᏒᏋᏁ, Prince of the Savannah

Lion Stats
19126 / 24750 (77%)
Level 16
Strength 364 Speed 387
Stamina 426 Smarts 359
Agility 366 Skill 182
Total Stats: 2084

Lion Currents
Age 13 years old
Energy 100 / 100
Fatherly (Kind)
Breeding Info
Father Fitzgerald Mother View Full Heritage
Last Bred N/A Fertility N/A View All Cubs Bred (209)
Appearance Markings
Base Sidereal (Blue Skin) Slot 1: Celestial Cover (15%)
Slot 2: Cherry Glaze (92%)
Slot 3: Nacre Carving (100%)
Slot 4: Blue Lace (10%)
Slot 5: Red Lace (55%)
Slot 6: Kimanjano Mottled Vents (59%)
Slot 7: Feline 7 Ebony (100%)
Slot 8: Celestial Speckles (100%)
Slot 9: Lilac Lace (69%)
Slot 10: Ice Glaze (18%)
Slot 11: Onyx Siamese (66%)
Slot 12: Red Inverted Zebra (42%)
Slot 13: Hyena Spots Heavy White (20%)
Slot 14: Hyena Spots Scarce Ginger (57%)
Slot 15: Hyena Stripes Scarce White (21%)
Slot 16: Fiery Mottled Fissures (100%)
Slot 17: Chatoyant Margay (42%)
Slot 18: Demonic Feralis (42%)
Genetics Black Medium Countershaded Special
Eyes Bismuth
Mane Type Blade
Mane Color Angelic
Mutation Patches (Fringe)
Marking Slots
Equipped Decorations
Flowering Vines

Lab Test Frog
Body Paint: Shamanic
Body Paint: Swirls
Expression: Shy Groupie
Shamanic Tarot: Empress Body Paint
Body Paint: Easter Swirls
Body Paint: Ethereal Touch
Glorious Mane [Forsaken Shade]
Claw Extensions: Gold
Gold Rose Quartz Ornaments
Jewelry: Rainbow Bedlah
African Flower Ornaments [Rainbow]
Pearl and Flower Ornaments [Opal]
Violet Garland
Lion Pride Accent - Light Blue and Pink
Broken Ritual
Fortnight Lily
Impala Lily
Impala Lily Flowers
Garland of Rebirth
Bundle of Lovebirds [Peach Faced]
Bundle of Lovebirds [Blue Opaline]
Bundle of Lovebirds [Black Masked]
Scarlet Butterfly

[S] Mtundakula
Powder-Puff Tree
Attacks Defended 7 Explore Steps Taken 5175 NPCs Defeated 287
Lions Sent Away 36 Lions Killed 0
Started w 469 stats.


Clean Fringe Heir {TRAIN} 1.5k suddenly decided to rocket out of the den. Goodbye. Oh, he just rocketed back in and tackled a feather. Hello. Enjoy furiously destroying that toy. Oop, he just ran off again. Goodbye.

Kinged at 7 Years 9 Months with 1590 Stats.

With the help of 49 Giant Torts, 10 Broken Drones and 152 Vulture Eggs, he reached Level 11, Karma 3040 on his first day and gained 139 Stats, making him have 1729 Stats still on day 1.

1.8k at 9 years 6 months.

Good boy.

Your lion takes a sip and under his skin muscles shift and shiver, like he got young and perky again! He tries to sip more but looks like it was just a brief feeling... or was it?

I can reveal that your karma isssss 3865.. (4/05/2019)

Your lion's point of view on life is absolutely fresh now! Visit your lion's page to pick the personality from a dropdown.

Personality updated successfully. (Fatherly Chosen) (4/05/2019)

I can reveal that your karma isssss 3801.. (13/05/2019) (WHAT DID I DO)

Hit 1.9K at 11 Years (28/05/2019)

Hit 2K at 11 Years, 11 Months (8/06/2019)

I can reveal that your karma isssss 3222.. (15/06/2019) (I’m officially a terrible, bad, boy.)

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