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Lionnister Tezzeret

Lion Stats
17776 / 21560 (82%)
Level 15
Strength 173 Speed 208
Stamina 186 Smarts 184
Agility 183 Skill 30
Total Stats: 964

Lion Currents
Age 9 years, 11 months old
Energy 100 / 100
Fatherly (Kind)
Breeding Info
Father Madmartigan Mother Ryn View Full Heritage
Last Bred N/A Fertility N/A View All Cubs Bred (37)
Appearance Markings
Base Sunset (Pink Skin) Slot 1: Ice Cover (40%)
Slot 2: Prune Siamese (100%)
Slot 3: Fiery Belly (50%)
Slot 4: Red Lace (100%)
Slot 5: Ardor Feline Unders (50%)
Slot 6: Onyx Cheetah Heavy (100%)
Slot 7: Nacre Lace (100%)
Slot 8: Ivory Bottom (32%)
Slot 9: White Inverted Cheetah (76%)
Slot 10: Under White 4 (40%)
Genetics Red Medium Countershaded Special
Eyes Amethyst
Mane Type Blade
Mane Color Ardor
Mutation Patches (Frontal)
Marking Slots
Equipped Decorations
Romantic Beach

Falling Petals - Soft Pink
Lion Pride Accent [Gray and Purple]
Scar: Long Left Eye
Springtime Trio
Wine Cups

[S] African Tulip Tree
Attacks Defended 8 Explore Steps Taken 8909 NPCs Defeated 321
Lions Sent Away 223 Lions Killed 0
Studding Services
This male lion is offering studding services, for a price of 1 GB OR 350 SB. Lionesses must have a minimum of 0% fertility to breed.

This male lion has 15/15 studding slots left open this week.

* Selecting an item to send with the request will remove the item from your hoard and apply it to the stud if your request is accepted. If your request is removed or denied for any reason the item will be returned to you. Multiple items can be sent at the same time providing they do not cancel each other out in their effects.

* Breeding to a mutated stud does not affect your chances of conceiving a mutated cub unless the stud is a variation of piebald or primal.
Born to Ryn and a male from another Pride. Tezzeret was trained under the strict and fierce paw of Athreos. Athreos was in a rather poor place when Tezzeret was growing up however, so the initial training was difficult as the King's attention was elsewhere. Athreos was focused on flirting, battling, challenging, making war and creating enemies; not so much the young cubs, or even the day-to-day running of the pride. It was assured to Tezzeret that Athreos was not always as he seemed though. The recent death of his queen, Eolosti had caused Athreos to act up and lose his focus from his pride. Tezzeret learned from the great leader (more along the lines of what not to do) and even helped him realign his focus ever so slightly; grieve the loss of Eolosti and focus on the pride's growth as the former Queen would have wished. Athreos saw wonder and wisdom in the young cub, knowing instantly Tezzeret would be his successor. Athreos did teach and help Tezzeret grow as Athreos was still a great leader despite his lack of concentration in recent years.. Tezzeret bought a sense of spirit to the pack, spirit which had been lost when Eolosti had passed. As Tezzeret was growing up, another young cub grew up alongside him. Her name was Caleria. Athreos was going to betroth the two, however much to the King's surprise, the two fell in love and were mates before the King could announce the betrothal. Caleria is what Tezzeret describes as a 'beauty sent from the skies'. Caleria can make Tezzeret smile, laugh, and even angry at times, but his anger rarely lasts. Caleria is a spontaneous female who is rather upbeat and has what seems like ever-lasting excitement rushing through her.
Every cub born in the pride is a wonder in Tezz's eyes. He loves cubs and wants nothing more than to see them grow and flourish into beautiful lions and lionesses.
Tezz has a very close relationship with his mother as he was her sole cub and effectively her pride and joy. She loved him until the moon and back. Ryn was getting older however, she had birthed Tezz late in age and she knew she wouldn't be around forever. She did however stay around long enough to see her special boy become King. What a proud mom she was.