z๏lเtค, Sapphic

Lion Stats
21045 / 74360 (28%)
Level 27
Strength 1767 Speed 2066
Stamina 1671 Smarts 1855
Agility 1851 Skill 382
Total Stats: 9592

Lion Currents
Age 9 years, 4 months old
Energy 100 / 100
Hyperactive (Snarky)
Breeding Info
Father Moby Dick Mother ❄Hailstorm❄ View Full Heritage
Last Bred N/A Fertility N/A View All Cubs Bred (139)
Appearance Markings
Base Fuchsia (Dusky Skin) Slot 1: Silver Taper (52%)
Slot 2: Saffron Undercover (19%)
Slot 3: Silky Belly (24%)
Slot 4: Under White 4 (69%)
Slot 5: Chert Back (48%)
Slot 6: Mottled Rosette (98%)
Slot 7: Heather Coat (27%)
Slot 8: Gold Rosette (100%)
Slot 9: Onyx Paws (18%)
Slot 10: Onyx Rosette (100%)
Genetics Red Light Countershaded Special
Eyes Fire Opal
Mane Type Crested
Mane Color Nuummite
Mutation Patches (Corrupted)
Marking Slots
Equipped Decorations
[D] Riverine Forest

Claw Extensions: Silver
Arum Lily Frog
Lab Test Frog
Pearl and Flower Ornaments [Herbal]
Leaf Crown
Mossy Branch Mushroom Colony
Rear Claw Extensions: Silver
Moonlit Emblem
Christmas Butterfly
Lion Pride Accent - Pink and Purple
Attacks Defended 0 Explore Steps Taken 14182 NPCs Defeated 1529
Lions Sent Away 0 Lions Killed 0
kinged at 8388 stats, 3rd on sub male leaderboard! way to go homie! aged down to 6 years~
(( her decor is currently a wip, since i can't use a vital decor item i thought i could ))
Your lion checks out the new pattern on its fur, utterly confused, but very pleased! (added corrupted patches)
You consumed 65 x Coconut and gained 3250 EXP!
whole day i'm fucking busy only get few money
yaa u can kiss the ring but u can never touch the crown

he ugly af but i can't stop admiring his stats. kind of shooting for ~6-7k stats with this one but if it goes like my previous 'statters' have then i'll be lucky to even break 5k smfh
ok, 5303 stats at 5 and a half years 6k doesn't look too out of the question to strive for so !
probably gonna king in april if he's old af sooooo ya

♛♛♛goals when king;♛♛♛
♛ complete "nearly a millionaire" achievement (25k SB found in explore)
♛work towards (or complete!) "master" achievement (10k enemies defeated in explore)
♛"SNAAAAAAAAAKE" achievement if not already finished (100 completed quests)
♛lifetime stat goal: no less than 10k, preferably 15k+ but easier said than done ybecfsuyjgnesh
♛level goal: 40-50ish

♛♛♛appearance to change♛♛♛
eyes: nebula?? yuh?
base: idek just probably not fuchsia

som memories from his young lionhood;
You're chilling in the sun, and suddenly Cub runs by screaming and laughing. What on earth…? Are all cubs tiny nutbars?
You greet ♛THA TRU KING with a head bump. He smiles a little, as if grateful for the attention, before returning to his usual dark corner. x3
♛watch what u feed me is spread out in a dark corner, brooding intently. Your lionesses are looking at him, tittering and giggling. You have the sudden urge to swat him. x2
You have some trouble finding ♛watch what u feed me to ask him to watch a cub for a few minutes. No seriously, is he off staring at the stars again?
♛u better work bitch is sitting in the rain, staring intently at his paws. The lightning flashes and he looks somehow dashing despite being soaked. How does he do that? x2

stat log (kinda. i'm lazy) ((also it seems like her gains roughly 100 stats every 3 months))
4185 birth stats
4297 at 2 years 1 month
4317 at 2 years 2 months (woo fuckin hoo what gainz)
4341 at 2 years 3 months
like 4361 at 2 years 4 months
oops 4441 at 2 years 8 months
4528 at 2 years 11 months
4660 at 3 years 5 months
4743 at 3 years 8 months
hoping to pass 5k at 4 years 6 months~ we will see how tomorrow goes ;D
mission accomplished, 5021 at 4 years 6 months
5043 at 4y7m
5303 stats at 5y6m do better bitch
5572 at 6y5m mid-day (or evening for those of u that go to bed before midnight lol)
passing 5700 at 6y9m, hoping for 6k around the time he is 7y6m
he's been bringing back a lot of good shit lately, tons of stats. 5800+ on 1/27/19 at age 7 (hope he keeps it up for february since i'll be on even more then ;D)
5969 in the morning of him bein 7y7m >:( my migraines have been fucking up the schedule, but he could also be doing a bit better with his patrols ;o
passed 6k on 2/4/19 at 7y8m
(((maybe get to 7k before kinging?? it's possible...)))
passed 6.1 at 8y
slowing down, passed 6.2 at 8y4m >;(
6.3k at 8y6m on 2/14
6.5k at 9y1m on 2/21
6.6 at 9y5m on 2/25
fuck YES hit the leaderboards for the first time on 3/9/19 at 6939 stats and 10y5m! he's gettin up there in age but soon it will be his time ;)
i think i want him to gain 3k total stats strictly from patrolling before kinging... just a loose goal. the closer we get, the better. most of his stats are from stuffing his face with turtles, their eggs, and honeycombs. hit the gym now, bud!
lookin like we about to pass 7k on 3/11/19 at 10y7m and oh my god my ass didn't even notice he was on the most patrols board as well, 1354 patrols and 7th spot when i noticed
7.33k on 03/24/19 and to make a clearer goal, i want to pass 7.5k stats as well as the 3k gained specifically from patrolling
5th on most patrols and highest stats on 3/26/19 at 7390 stats and 11y10m. not expecting to get to the top, but the closer the better ;)
passed 7.4 the next day on 03/27/19 at 11y11m
7.5k on 3/31/19 12y3m
passed 7.6 on 4/3/19 12y6m and also noticed he has collected 3064 stats from patrolling!! goal met! c: now... can we yolk enough to get to the big EIGHT K before he's kinged? :v
obtained first yolk after i already fed him for the day..... yolk diet starts tomorrow on 4/10/19 and he will hopfully hit 7.8 tomorrow as well. been doing a little better w patrols after a spell of 0 stat returns ugh
yeehaw fed him 3 yolks, a small turtle, and turtle eggs and he gained ~5-7 stats from that. i will force him to pass 7.8k today as well since he's so close 4/11/19
ayy passed 8k on 4/18/19
kinged at 8388 stats, 3rd on sub male leaderboard! way to go homie! aged down to 6 years~
end of day 1 crowned: after ~20 dove feasts, a roasted lamb, 65 coconuts, and 104 fermented marula fruits, it's a wonder zoe's liver held up lmao. leveled up 6 times, achieved dreamboat, and ended up at 8444 stats
sporadic update 1: the day is may 10, 2019 and i found 64 fucking giant torts buried that i had SOMEHOW forgotten about. hopefully we can gain a couple levels tonight ;) also i use way too many meat pies it's been like 20 so far lmao
ok so she gained about a level and a half after all those torts and some meat pie. also today was her first time on king leaderboards (at the bottom lmao)
some other update: passed 9k on 5/14/19

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