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2014-06-23 00:49:09
  1. I didn't receive a rollover summary today!
    More than likely, this occurs because you have nothing to report - no cub accidents, no cubs born, etc. Your daily summary would be empty as there's nothing to update you on, so it will not show up that day.
    If you check your User Log and do indeed have summary-worthy events, only then do we request that you post a Bug Board thread.

  2. I bought an item, but it never arrived into my hoard!
    The biggest reason for why this happens is because of lag; however, we can confirm your purchase with a few special safety logs. Please submit a Modbox ticket for this problem immediately.

  3. My lion's pictures moved far to the right?
    Any issues with pictures like that are due to your browser acting up. This happens most often with Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge. Make sure that your browser is on the latest version (and if it isn't, update it!), and all the important plugins such as Adobe and Java are updated. Worst case scenario, we suggest switching to a different browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Clearing your browser's cache may also fix the issue - see how to do so here:

  4. I can't access Rocky Hills?
    Just like the issue before, this is an issue with Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge. Try bookmarking this link!
    Rocky Hills

  5. There's a marking that doesn't display on my lion's battle image, but it does on my main male's image!
    This is actually due to a corrupted file. Message me, Xylax (#4), so that I can reupload it.

  6. I equipped a decor to my lion, and now it's gone from my hoard!
    Please read the text that displays upon equipping a background or decor. When you equip a wearable to a lion, it is attached to your lion and no longer in your hoard. The item still has its full uses when attached to the lion, but when you remove it, it loses a use and will be back in your hoard with that use missing.
    If you have one single copy of a 5 use decor in your hoard, you cannot equip all 5 uses to different lions. It can only be on one lion at a time.

  7. I equipped a decor, and I can't see it!
    If it's a custom decor you've equipped, make sure you have "Custom Decors on Lions" enabled under your "Account Options" on your den page. If it's any other type of decor, please submit an Art Bug report.

  8. My lionesses give birth to 1 cub litters all the time!
    This is neither a bug nor a glitch. 1 cub litters are the most common amount of litters born, guaranteed. 2 cub litters are fairly common, while 3 are uncommon, and 4 are rare.
    If your lioness miscarries, you will be notified in your Daily Summary. Miscarriages result in the entire litter being lost.

  9. My mutated lion's base/markings aren't displaying!
    Please check the "Mutation Catch Up Status" page status here: LINK.
    Sometimes it's very hard to catch up with certain things after big launches, so please be patient!

  10. For Any Syntax Errors:
    While these are technically bugs as they prevent you from accessing a page temporarily, these normally occur due to a coder updating the game's files. You should only see it once or twice, and it will go away after a few seconds. We are aware of these, as files are frequently being updated, so please do not report these issues unless they exist for more than 5 minutes at a time.

  11. I have over 100% energy!
    This is most likely due to some data string overflow. It should fix itself upon reloading the page, or when you begin exploring.

  12. It's been over an hour, and my king has only gained 4% energy!
    Your king is starving. Feed him so that he's below 60% hunger, and his energy gain will go back to the usual 10% every 15 minutes!

  13. I'm in a battle, and the battle's buttons are all greyed out. Nothing happens when I click them!
    This is due to the server no longer responding, or occasionally lag. Usually, when this occurs, a button at the bottom of the page called "FLEE!" will help you in that situation by forcing the battle to end. If this does not fix your issue, try logging out, logging back in, and clicking the button again.
    If this happens to you every time you fight, please submit a Bug Board report about it, and be sure to include screenshots, which browser you're using (and what version it's on), along with your computer/device's information (such as operating system). We'll contact you shortly with a few questions, such as accessing your browser's console and posting additional information if required.

  14. My lioness just aged up to 2 years, and she's already in heat!
    This is a rare occurrence. Just like in real life, lionesses on Lioden can have different heat cycles. Occasionally when your lioness ages up to an adult, she may already be in heat, or have a shortened amount of days before she enters her first heat cycle. Did you use aging items on her? That makes their cycles out of common order too.

  15. My lioness gave birth, but she's still stuck in her nesting pose!
    We are aware of this issue! It fixes itself upon the next rollover.

  16. Rollover says I've only logged in one day in a row, but it's been over a month!
    Rollover rewards reset after 29 consecutive login days - it's normal! They reset so you can continue getting rewards.

  17. I can't use a Cub Sex Changer on my cub/adolescent!
    Check to see if they are in a trade, in a raffle, out on a hunt, or out on a patrol. Your cubs/adolescents will be prevented from sex changing when doing any of the above.

  18. I can't use an Adult Sex Changer on my lion/ess!
    - Are they mutated?
    Mutated lions can only be sex changed when they are cubs. (Note that sex changing a cub/adolescent with a gender-specific mutation will wipe their mutation PERMANENTLY, even if you sex change them back!)
    - Do they have a heritage?
    Adult lions with "Unknown" fathers and mothers cannot be sex changed. In order to be eligible for sex changing as an adult, a lion/ess must have at least one actual parent in their lineage.
    - Have they bred?
    Breeding a lioness, even if you chase/kill/reserve her cubs, will render her ineligible for sex changing.
    - Have they hunted/patrolled?
    Hunting/patrolling a lion/ess disallows them to be sex changed. If you made an honest mistake, you can contact the Modbox about the situation.
    - Are they in a trade or raffle?
    Lions will not show up for sex changing if they are up for trade or in a raffle.

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