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Xylax (#4)

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Posted on
2015-11-09 15:17:20
These might be subject to change in far future but for time being these ideas will be auto-rejected to not break the game: these will be added as time goes, or addressed in news for whole community if these are considered to change.

Appearing as offline
Trading event currency between non-linked accounts

Free EXP/impression/currency by just ticking explore steps
GB In explore
Finding cubs in explore

Inbreeding effects
Mutations inheritance - restricted to special items/mutations at this point
Submales able to breed

Gaining mood from eating food - restricted to few event items
Item to remove breeding cooldown entirely
Lioness going into heat after getting rid of her cubs
Making lions younger
New battling animal/pet types

Albino base being renamed - it was added before the Achromia mutation, and we will not be changing the name
Double mutations - Lioden's coding is not designed to work with it, and art team is not big enough for such task.

Customizing Lioness instead of creation
SB to GB converter in Oasis

[++] in your topic titles means it's on a list to talk about during development meetings. It was abandoned in 2018 as amount of threads rose exponentially.

[vv] in your topic titles (mutation subforum only) means that the mutation you suggested has been approved and is planned.

We are NOT obligated to explain why I am rejecting your idea.

We have the right to delete old suggestions without notice due to them being re-suggested 10000 times or having no comments/supports or being outdated.

When considering suggestions, we firstly look at the thread's content. Then we think if it's breaking the game or improving it. Then we read comments/thoughts and see if the support amount is really pushing it forward. Everything matters.

If you post a suggestion that is pre-rejected, it will be automatically rejected, with or without a reason stated.

This suggestion has 407 supports and 69 NO supports.

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AngellusProject --
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Posted on
2018-03-17 01:53:42
@Nirah that's not what appear offline means. Appear offline would give the option for players to be actively online and doing things, but if others look at their profile, their dot will be red and they wouldnt be shown as "last active: active now"

I'm unsure why it's been rejected. But it has. But your interpretation of what it means is wrong.

🐈Fanta Denim🐈 (#135329)

Deathlord of the Jungle
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Posted on
2018-03-17 09:14:19
Sorry. I do understand what the "appear as offline" means now.
Sometimes I can't understand English because I really am not.

Rook (#60712)

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Posted on
2018-03-19 16:27:59
I just ran across this and thought i'd make a quick correction to something said on page 2, albeit that it was posted a month ago.

"These will be added as time goes" means that the items on this list will expand. He will add more things in here as they are permanently rejected. He does not mean that everything in this list will be added. In fact he means the exact opposite of that.

Everything listed here is either game-breaking, too hard to code, an unneeded feature, or just not the preference of the admins. It's always subject to change, like Green bases, but essentially this list is a big red flag that says "Do not suggest these, they will be locked and rejected for the time being."

So no, as far as this list is concerned, Submales will not ever be able to breed. It's gamebreaking for more than one reason.

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🐈Fanta Denim🐈 (#135329)

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Posted on
2018-03-20 08:50:44
I'll add to Lex II's post.
Xy probably rejected the idea being it's more natural and definitely a game-breaker. Kings are the ones who usually breed in the pride. I watch videos of lions, and their pride. I've never seen a single sub-male ever mate with a lioness and produce cubs with her. Again, think about it as a wolf pack. The alphas(king and queen) only breed and are able to. Meanwhile, omegas, betas, and any other low-ranked member of the pack cannot breed or they get killed or chased. However, omegas only breed if the pack needs pups, or just for a certain reason. Sub-males in prides are like the omegas in the wolf pack, they have jobs to do, and they cannot breed.
I hope this explains why Xy rejected the sub-male breeding suggestion.

🐈Fanta Denim🐈 (#135329)

Deathlord of the Jungle
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Posted on
2018-03-20 08:52:46
Here's one more addition for my post above: Sub-males in prides do not breed at all, but might if there was a REASON, which definitely wouldn't be added to Lioden, or might.

Kip (0/50 GB) (#114731)

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Posted on
2018-08-13 18:22:39
If I may ask why are double mutations rejected? It's not told.

Havoc (#128752)

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Posted on
2018-09-12 10:58:44
Double mutations wouldn't really make any sense, since there are already so many mutations, and certain combinations of double mutations would have thought potential to break the game.. like for example, Double uterus on a female dwarf, or a leopon, or a tigon would mean more cubs per litter and more chances of breeding the mutation. Double mutations would also mean that there would have to be more coding and such.. plus double mutation would actually probably have to be listed as the mutation, since that sounds like it'd be a mutation in itself. There are also some current mutations that would look horrible together. I understand how some mutation might look good together, since there are a few that have been made as custom decoration, like smilus and felis piebald, that would be awesome... But unless there's a new mutation called Piebald Smilus or Felis, or dwarf(I don't know if this is a custom decor), then that would count as a double mutation..

Bottom line, for double mutations to be a thing, there would either have to be severe restrictions or have it be that the lion cannot pass them, or if it's a male, cannot become king, imagine having a double mutated king *shudders*

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RegalKnight (#148966)

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Posted on
2019-02-24 17:08:19
Hey listen to this, if you want people to stop whining why don’t you come out your hidey hole and actually explain? If you actually cared about your game you answer popular complaints.

(14/145GB) (#127393)

Scourge of Lions
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Posted on
2019-03-02 16:21:14
wait isn't there a green base....

🐊 Mutt (#3901)

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Posted on
2019-04-13 15:10:57
curious about why appearing offline is rejected.

BG. Roy Mustang (#63902)

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Posted on
2019-04-27 20:49:42
I would adore seeing double mutations, the "no" for them is understandable. While it would work in regards to the artwork, coding is an entirely different story. The lioden coders would have to rework and update various mechanics in the game. They'd probably also have to completely rewrite the mutation coding system in order for it to work properly and not break on us. Players would be pissed if mutations broke, because they wouldn't be able to breed for them until its fixed (or find one to buy).

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Robin (BLM) (#171993)

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Posted on
2019-11-21 14:30:15
Double mutations will be on Wolvden, does that mean they won't be rejected for Lioden anymore or is it too late to implement it here?

Admin Response:
It's different to be able to code something from scratch (Wolvden) and different when there's an 8 year old system to completely rehaul. We're thinking about it but it would be a massive task for coders and artists alike.

EntityofSilo (#107570)

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Posted on
2019-12-05 20:27:22
Since Wolvden and Lioden are sister sites it's definitely plausible that LD might get double mutations in the future, but as it stands I do think that given current mutations and how many of them there are it might be a bit late to add new mutation files (such as all piebald/patches on sirenomelia) or each age stage of mutations with unique poses as well as implementing rules about which mutations can be doubled on top of other ones (DU on gon/pon would be incredibly game-breaking, for example) without a colossal effort that would likely halt all other projects on LD. As far as I'm aware, since Wolvden is still very small and doesn't have to roll out weekly updates for its playerbase at this stage it's much easier to add something new like double mutations from scratch and keep modifying them over time as new mutations are implemented on Wolvden rather than a complete overhaul of Lioden's mutation system. I don't see something like double mutations being added to Lioden in the near future, unfortunately.

Magnituda (#198042)

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Posted on
2020-06-03 21:19:00
@🐈Fanta Denim🐈 (#135329)

Actually - wolf packs are simply families - that means so called "alphas" are mother and father and the rest of the pack is their children from different litters. That's why they don't breed with all pack members - it's nature's way to prevent inbreeding

Astrid | CLEAN 3.2K
3x Clouded (#124118)

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Posted on
2020-06-08 17:26:41
i don't think that having submales be able to breed the same way lionesses do would break the game (ex. they have 8 or so natural breedings in their lifetimes), especially if you aren't able to stud out the submale breeding... it's actually more realistic, because contrary to what some people seem to think, a real lion pride is not run by "1 alpha male"— there can be anywhere from 1-3 male lions in a pride (although given the size of some prides on lioden, it makes sense that in our cases it would be proportionate to the pride size)

i mean if you're worried about realism and game-breaking, it seems worse to have someone suggest multiple main males and have sub males that breed like lionesses instead, the only difference being that they would breed to females and not males— it could work just like beetles, where you have a drop-down list for females and males and you choose who breeds to who (except the sub-males would have 20-day breeding cool-downs). plus, you wouldn't be able to use yohimbe barks, the males can't pass hybrid mutations, and lion scrots wouldn't work on them

idk, i think the sub males aren't TOTALLY useless, but they are much more useless than they need to be— i truly don't think that way of doing it would be game-breaking, and it seems like a nice compromise between the two sides

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