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2016-02-22 07:59:05



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Nuummite Based

Slot 1: Shaded Onyx (63%)
Slot 2: Bloodbourne Belly (70%)
Slot 3: Onyx Siamese (33%)
Slot 4: Onyx Lace (100%)
Slot 5: White Panther (100%)
Slot 6: Mottled Rosette (100%)
Slot 7: Onyx Vitiligo (100%)
Slot 8: Gold Rosette (100%)
Slot 9: Onyx Cheetah Heavy (100%)
Slot 10: Cream Rosette (100%)

Stud Fee 250 SB
If under 5% fertility choose then 1GB option

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goldenkitten533 (#149358)

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Posted on
2018-06-25 08:39:01
Hi! I'm not sure if I'm supposed to respond here... I'm new to this and I've never participated in a stud before. But my gods, I love your beautiful lion and I'd like to try. I have a lioness going into heat tomorrow and I have a black stallion because she's only got 17% fertility.

I just don't know how it works. I assume I send her to you?

Sorry. Hope my questions aren't annoying!

Hadamea (#31834)

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Posted on
2018-06-25 09:30:49
You don’t have to use the stallion :) just click on the link in the top of the thread (send a stud request here) and you will immediately go to his page, scroll down and choose the lioness you want to use, she will not be sent over or anything, i will simply get a request from you and accept it

I hope it clears up for you, otherwise just let me know

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