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Xylax (#4)

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Posted on
2016-07-23 21:05:19
Okay the existing planned feature for the Den Cave art is that they have skins.

Meaning, let's say there's decors for your default cave like rocks, moss, maybe bats.

Skin is called default.
Let's say you decide to switch skin to "Water Cave" - the background changes to a blue tinted cave with a pool of water, and all the decor is matching that skin, placement and colours.

This is a thread to suggest the skins.
Remember though, these take time to make so there won't be a new skin coming out every week.

Example concepts that I had in mind:
- Sandstone cave with an opening LINK
- Water cave link
- Rocky Hills link

and so on and so on.

You can suggest a skin (theme) + decors in this thread.
If there's a skin-specific decor such as fish in the water I could call it "Special 1" and it'd appear as fish in water cave, and quails in rocky hills, etc.

There will be a wardrobe for caves.

User suggestion list:
Mountains - possibly a view from within the cave
Ice cave with frozen things in walls when decorating
Bioluminescent caves
Lava tunnel
Crystal Caverns like in Mexico!
Ancient Human Cave
Borean cave
Rocky Bridge
Tropical Crevass
Ocean cave

Note: Not so sure about the temple. Would have to research enough to not offend any culture :l

This suggestion has 928 supports and 4 NO supports.

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🦎(#Toad.Ribbit) (#90187)

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Posted on
2016-07-23 21:06:43
Much yes.
So support.

Cinnamon Cookies (#56794)

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Posted on
2016-07-23 21:09:31

veteris. (#65134)

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Posted on
2016-07-23 21:09:36
Really cool idea I saw
Not sure if it's doable, but I would love to see something along those lies if possible!

Cari (#93447)

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Posted on
2016-07-23 21:14:01
I love the water cave idea, and seconding the suggestion for something leafy and green-- possibly with different flower options maybe? I just love garden aesthetics in general. :'D

🦈Ithiliel🦈 (#86885)

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Posted on
2016-07-23 21:16:42

Cinnamon Cookies (#56794)

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Posted on
2016-07-23 21:19:21
omg Ithi. ;-;

Cari (#93447)

Prince of the Savannah
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Posted on
2016-07-23 21:19:44
And I just remembered that biolumimecent caves are a thing and those would be super sweet too. :D

[Demiurge] (#72099)

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Posted on
2016-07-23 21:52:11
oooh, I LOVE caves, I definitely have a few suggestions:

X - X - X Ice caves are really gorgeous (look at those blues *v*), and you could make decor for various things to be frozen in the walls, which is really neat
There's also a cave in Minnesota that looks like this during the winter: X

X - X Crystal caves are some of my favourites, especially colourful ones

The innerspace caverns are pretty neat too - X - X - X

There's also some really neat caves with Temples inside them, this site in particular has some really gorgeous pictures of some really neat caves:

Selbie🌻(an actual
Fox) (#8330)

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Posted on
2016-07-23 23:24:37
love the water caves

what about something called galaxy in a cave for all of us galaxy lovers and or in love with the night sky... and its natural since its thanks to glow worms c:

Galaxy in a cave

or maybe some lions want ocean front territory? lol
ocean front cave

Chieftains (#37687)

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Posted on
2016-07-24 14:10:47
* Dechen Cave
* Phraya Nakhon Cave - The idea of an open space in the cave with lush vegetation growing in the sun seems neat
* Majlis Al Jinn Cave - (x)
* (NEW - 2016-07-27) Cave of Three Bridges / Baatara Gorge Waterfall

* Basalt Cave - Could possibly be viewing the Knysna Lagoon BG!
* Fossil Cave - Bunch of fossilized animals and plants etched into the walls of a cave


Just an idea in general, I think it'd be nice if we could make regular Lioden BGs for Cave Skin Backgrounds. Some people's prides have stories connected to them, and caves might not align with those stories. Example: Caves - Cave Slots

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Tourmaline 🔮 (#28322)

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Posted on
2016-07-25 00:19:02
Wow this is awesome :)

lar] (#79194)

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Posted on
2016-07-30 13:18:18
I love the idea but I'd honestly prefer featured lioness to appear with personal decor over this.

=|♞|= Jynx =|♞|=
Semi-HIAT (#89773)

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Posted on
2016-07-30 15:59:32
African bats, the subspecies/species up to you lot as to what you would like to do. Maybe you could have them hanging from the roof of the cave? Or flying through it?
a mixture of both would be nice.

Also along with something that was brought up in a news post i think, with picking a lion present in the cave to appear on the image, maybe other lion decors? Like lionesses cuddling/sleeping in the background? Cubs playing?
Or even for the evil lions, dying and suffering lionesses and cubs in the background? Starving and ill?

Just a couple ideas i had, dont know if theyve been said already

Shad (#16848)

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Posted on
2016-08-01 03:55:03
I'd love to see a cave with many small "holes" for small animals (for cubs) so that would make a perfect skin for Cubs' Cave <3 Maybe cub decors for this *_* ? Like cubs in these holes,oh my gosh :o

Meso (#49519)

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Posted on
2016-08-29 11:43:56
so these would be like CSS layouts?

this may seem obvious but wouldn't an open savannah skin be good as many lions sleep in the open

Edit: it would be cool but Lioden is already pretty image heavy with the lions and decor. I can see this background loading eating more of my data when I go den surfing. Maybe if there was a limit to the options? like they can only be the environments from the territory tile selection

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