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cake ⛱ {❤glass} (#53239)

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Posted on
2017-02-11 07:21:45
Post here to suggest achievements!

Bountiful - Have a litter of 4 cubs born (under breeding)
You Need To Stop - Have your thousandth litter (under challenger)
So soon? - Retire your king before his retirement cooldown is up (under challenger)

This suggestion has 241 supports and 5 NO supports.

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Pan-Africa ~ Tigon
Lover (#141495)

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Posted on
2018-05-02 12:06:51
What are the odds?-4 cubs born without any items used

Great genetics...- have a litter born with more than one cub where all Cubs are mutated

Special snowflake-have a cub born with a special base

Are you sure that's a lion-have a lion born with a cheetah, rosette or hyena mark

Where'd they go? -use a translucent jellyfish

Beetle pile-have one of every beetle

Hoarder-not sell anything in your hoard for a year

Youthful appearance- use argan oil

Ouch!- have a different scar in all decor slots on one lion(ess)

You sure I don't need another horse?-use a black stallion on a lioness after at least 10 unsuccessful attempts

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CaramelTurtles (#136947)

King of the Jungle
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Posted on
2018-07-13 18:17:04
Likes to party: King a lion with an event base (general)

Dani California (#147138)

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Posted on
2018-12-29 09:07:05
Karma Houdini - Reverse your karma on the November event (under challenger)
Magical Husband - Breed a 1% fertility girl in only 1 try (under challenger)

Mad Hyena (#29080)

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Posted on
2019-04-05 13:02:38
Epic-Quest related suggestion!

Since Epic Quests are unique, once-per-account challanges, they could have own Challanger-class achievements gained for completing them!

For example, the quest for Interstellar Remnants could give an achievement like "Interstellar Explorer" or etc!

Celticwolfie (#45055)

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Posted on
2019-06-16 17:23:52
It's in the genes- have a cub with a breed only mane born (like royal and tsavo)

What comes up- collect 50 feathers

Settling down- nest 5 lionesses on the same day

A horse for an hier- use 1 black stallion on a lioness

Order up!- make an offer on a trade

crete | heritageless

Lone Wanderer
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Posted on
2019-09-12 21:34:07
shopping list- claim all NCL bases
*possibly under challenger or exploring

luzlyfyrcat (#178213)

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Posted on
2019-09-28 19:09:40
I know it's dumb but-

We're all on point
Defeat an enemy without anyone missing

(no lucky feet, winning with roars, etc. they must have been defeated by fighting)

Either under battling or challenger, probably battling. I only said challenger because it's harder than you think

But it's not too hard so yeah, battling

luzlyfyrcat (#178213)

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Posted on
2019-11-09 10:45:31
I don't know if this exists yet but-

'This is getting out of hand'

Have a Leopon give birth to a Tigon or vise versa

I thought it was a fun idea