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fortmax (#91111)

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2017-12-08 21:56:24
Hi, so, I've been burned by allowing on admins who then took items from the clan without permission, and refused to give it back. Not naming names, because that's against the rules.

This hurt me a lot, and it could have been avoided very, very easily: The option to set the clan hoard to ONLY have items be taken by the Owner

Right now, you can set it to only admins being able to take from the hoard, but what if your admin is untrustworthy? What if you don't want anyone but yourself to take stuff? It's a pretty simple suggestion, I think.

This suggestion has 16 supports and 0 NO supports.

Harly {Piebald} (#187799)

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Posted on
2019-10-19 23:02:17
I find this very true