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2017-12-11 13:08:54
As you were walking down a dirt path,lots of trees around you.Suddenly there was a pride hunting for food.It was NightDusk's pride.You walked down to them and said hi.The lionesses said hi back as they picked up the food and started bringing it back to the den.You ask them where are they going? The lionesses tell you that they are going back to their clan.You ask them if you can tag along with them.They nod.As you walk down with them to DuskNight's clan,there was a sign near a cave with some cubs and lionesses in it. The sign said "Adoption/Sale cave". A male Felis looks down at you from the boulder. It was DuskNight, the leader of the clan. You look inside the Cave and look at the cubs/lionesses. Will the cubs/lioness intrest you?

•If someone takes the lioness/lion/cub you wanted , dont be mad.
•Dont beg to give the lion/lioness/cub or else I'll ignore.
•Dont be mean plz.
•Enjoy the lioness/lion/cub that you get

If you have unwanted cubs/lionesses/Lions that you dont want,you can send them over to me and i'll try find them a good home ^_^

Link to the Adoption/Sale Cave:

Also whenever a cub/s are born from my lionesses I will look at them and decide if put them up for adoption so keep an eye out for more cubs and others!

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2019-09-29 12:38:21
Aaron was sitting at the entrance to the cave, watching his queen Koratta interact with the many cubs, he couldn't help but purr at the pure joy on his queens face. He stood up and approached her, noticing that she seemed to be spending a particularly long time speaking with a certain pretty adolescent.
" Oh, your name's Lanna?" she purred, curiously. "That's a beautiful name-" she saw Aaron and sat up. "Oh! Here's Aaron, my king," she said excitedly, "If you join my pride he'll be your leader."
Aaron dipped his head kindly. " You look like a strong young lioness, you'd make a great hunter." he said warmly. "If you'd like, I'd be more than happy to welcome you into our pride." Koratta was practically vibrating with excitement, the anticipation of the cub's response was killing her.
"If it helps, we'll be back soon to adopt some of your friends as well, we're low on lions currently." Koratta added, hoping to sway the adols decision.