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Hello & Welcome to 'Adopt a Newbie Project'
Remember how hard it was getting started on Lioden? We do!
We were so confused and unsure about how the game worked...and we know this is still true of new players today. It's hard to catch wild lionesses to get your pride going and afford food when you can't hunt...not to mention, how does this game even work??? ¯_(ツ)_/¯
To help with these difficult and confusing times our new players may be experiencing, we have set up a sort of mentor/mentee system that pairs up new players with more experienced ones.

This Clan was formerly created by #11518 in 2014, and since then the Leadership was passed on to #44229 after a while, and then to us: Macey & Rabe in 2018.


Welcome to Lioden!
We want to help introduce you to this addicting world of lions.
To qualify as a player in need, you must fit the following criteria:

Have joined within the last 3 weeks or feel you need help.
Have a small pride of lions.
Post "Help! I'm new!" in this thread as well as a short introduction so we know who we are PMing/what your needs are. :) Some mentors specialize in certain things and we can pair you up more appropriately if you can be specific about what you need/are having trouble with.
If you should have another first language other than english, let us know and we might be able to match you with someone who also speaks that language.
Do not beg your mentor for things, please. This is mostly a buddy system for you to have someone to PM questions to and go to for advice.
If you are in need of something (i.e. a lioness to hunt for your pride, a sub male to patrol, etc.), let your mentor know and they will work with a dreamteam member to get it for you if you truly need it. Besides that, you can do this alone by requesting what you need in our dreamteam thread.
However, outright begging is against the rules on Lioden and repeat offenders may have to be reported and excluded from our Project.
Please don't make us do that, we love our newbies. <3

Example of begging:
"Can I pleeeease please please have your 1000stat 10 marking lion cub???"
"No, sorry. I have plans for her."
"Pleeeeaseee? She's just so pretty and I'll never get one on my own, pretty please? I'll love you forever!"
"I really can't, but I can give you advice on how to get one yourself."
"Oh come on, please? Look, I'll pay you back when I get the SB."
....etc, etc....please don't do this.
If you harass a mentor we will be forced to ban you from the project.
And we don't want to do that. :(

Appropriate request:
"I am having a hard time getting food for my pride with just one lioness and my male isn't good at claiming them from
the wild yet. Would you happen to have a spare lioness?"

"No problem! I know a Dream Team Member who is online right now and will ask them to send one over to you in a few minutes."

If your mentor has not logged in for more than two days and you have a pressing question, please PM me or Rabe #89506. Do not spam us though please, remember everyone has lives and we may not be able to respond right away. If it is urgent, our Discord Server is a great place to find help and a friendly chat about a lot of themes, not only Lioden based.

We will also message you in a while to hear back from you and to ask if you were happy with your Mentor. We want to know, how you liked being mentored and how it was. This will happen every now and then, and we won't ask everyone, but be aware that you might find our PM in your Inbox. If you want to learn more about the relation between you and your Mentor Click here!
For Mentor & Dreamteam Member:


Since the old thread was incredibly long, we now have different parts in this thread for different Roles inside this Clan. Please click the following Quicklinks, to find the one you need:
To Our Newbies!
To Our Mentors!
To Our Dreamteam!
Clan Events!
Spread The Word!
Want to donate?
Need items or lions?
Want to chat?
Want to live-chat?

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To our Newbies:

Besides the fact that we know how hard it is getting started on Lioden, we also know how hard it is to get connected into a community which has existed for a long time. Some people don't have the biggest problem to start chatting right away, but some people do and we would like to be there for you then, too.
For this reason, we have invented some activities for you, to get a bit more involved into this Clan and to find one or the other friend on your journey.

Our Clan decided it's time to host Clanevents every other month. Most of the time for specific 'real life' reasons, like Halloween, Christmas, or Valentines Day etc. And sometimes even in Collaborations with other Clans!
Each of those Events hand out participation prizes, runner up's and a first place prize. We highly recommend to participate, since you'll learn a bit more about this game in an easy, gameplay'ish, way. Without stress or pressure, just for fun.
Plus, of course, you could win something! :)

We would love to take care to read our Clanmails whenever one arrives. These will include most of the time very important things, as we try to not spam our Clan with useless Informations. That means, we gather first, and send out a rather long Clanmail then. If you should have any ideas for upcoming big or even small Events, let us know! We highly appreciate all Ideas.

We also invite you to headover onto our Discord, where we host Raffles as well and answer Questions in real time. Don't worry though, we only use the Chat and not the Voicechat Function. And, Discord is free and doesn't even needs to be downloaded, you can use it as another Browserpage, too. Click HERE if you need help joining our Discord.

About you and your Mentor:
Remember that we aren't official Lioden Staff, we are only a Clan of normal Players like you and me.
This said it should be clear, that we run this whole Project in our freetime. Without getting paid. If you want so, we live from you and your fellow Newbie Friends.
So please, be thankful for the time your Mentor puts in answering your Questions.
We like to do that, but a "Thank you" won't hurt ~ right? :)

If you should have any kind of Problems with your Mentor or Dreamteam, please message us Admins asap!
It hasn't happened yet, but we want you to do know that you could tell us about those things, without getting in trouble. If you are too scared, feel free to use this Onlinesheet, which can hand it anonymous as well.

Also, each of our Mentors and Dreamteam Member is very happy about finding new friendships. So why not see, if you two make a good pair, to continue with your relationship ;)

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2018-06-07 14:36:35



Do you want to help? Become a Member of our Team?
Want to help us provide enough Food, Lions and Items for our Newbies and Clan raffles? Or help in a different way?


Donations are always accepted and while Lions are harder to store, our Dreamteam will do it's best to hold them for any Newbies.
Items will most likely end up in our Clanhoard, where our DT can request from. Highvalue Items will end up in Raffles or as Prize in our Clan's Events. If you want to donate something, please use this Thread. Feel free to specify what you want your Donation to be used for.
If you are afraid of donating Highvalue Items/Lions to our DT, please message one of our Admins instead.
Thanks for any and all of your Donations!

Current Job offers:
We are hiring an Artist and are currently on the search for someone drawing us Art for our Clan. Since we don't want to spoil any of our Members, please message Macey for further Details and Payments.

Our Application System for DT and Mentor Positions is: 🅾 🅿 🅴 🅽
Please check out this Thread for further Informations and Requirements about our Dreamteam! Please check out this Thread for further Informations and Requirements about our Mentors! Please check out this Application Test Thread for further Informations and Requirements about our Application Tests!

Other Support
Join our Discord Community and become a part of awesome Conversations and Raffles. Ask your Questions or help out. Bring your Friends and Family Members and share your Artwork, favorite Music or YouTube Videos or, of course, Lions! Click here to join us! and talk about everything you want :)

You want to show everyone that you are part of this wonderful Team?
Copy your favorite Banner into your Den's Description and advertise us! Each banner leads to this Thread and makes sure, that Newbies and everyone else finds their way back to us.

If you want to help advertise the clan, you can put the clan banner on your den page!

Just copy and paste this code into your den description:
<*a href=""*><*img src="" height=150 width=350><*/*a>

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~ To all Mentors, PLEASE READ ~
Your responsibilities as a mentor can range from offering advice to helping new players and to make sure they find their way to the Dreamteam when they need Items, Food, Lions, etc.!
All you have to do when a new player posts is claim them here on this thread and then let them know who you are and ask what you can do for them via PM. Just look in the comments and see if there are any unclaimed newbies to get started!

You will also be introduced to our Discordchats, since we usually @ping Teams whenever someone requests help in one of our Forumthreads. There is also a Q&A Sheet for intern Clanstuff and more about the function of a Mentor.

To qualify as a mentor you must fit the following criteria:

Be under the best results of our Acceptance Test
Have played Lioden for at least 6 months or more
Have and use Discord
Be subscribed to ALL of the threads of AANP
Be willing and able to share advice in the best way you can!
Be able to log on at least a few times a week so that you can get back to your newbie promptly with answers to their questions.
PM your newbie within 5 hours of claiming them on the thread to introduce yourself and ask how you can help.
We don't want our newbies feeling abandoned. Care for them.
Be willing to post the project banner on your den page OR link back in some way to this thread on your den so that newbies can find us. The more banners/links out there the more likely newbies will find our group!

If a new user posts but you already have a few newbies, give other mentors a chance to claim them; if a newbie goes unclaimed for 12 hours though all bets are off and you can claim. :) Just try not to overextend yourself.

The mentor/mentee relationship can last for as long as you feel necessary.
Offer your Newbie our Discord link and make them aware of our Threads and Clan-Activities. If for some reason you have to relinquish your mentor duties, please use our Discord to find someone else able to takeover your newbies.
Don't just abandon them, ever.

If you're inactive for four or more weeks, you will be demoted into a 'normal' Member. From there you will have to work your way back up to the position of being able to become a mentor again.
You must claim Newbies or being active and available to be concidered as "active". 4 weeks of inactivity, without having any Information about why you are inactive, will results in demotion.
Mentors shouldn't hand out Items, Lions, Food or anything else. It's their Job to help their Newbie requesing things from our Dreamteam and to work close with them in order to offer the best possible help as a TEAM.

If a newbie starts to beg you for things, please try to handle it nicely as you can. If they won't stop and you feel you need back up, PM me and I'll get in touch with them. I don't want to ban anyone from the project but I will if I have to.

List of our current Mentors:
Will be updated, as we're currently in our Applications-Phase

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Can't be a mentor yet or just want to be available for donations?
Consider becoming a Member of the Dreamteam!
Our DT are people who have volunteered to donate various things to new players.
They have also be under the best of our DT-Test and had to proof, that they know values of Items, Lions and more, and also that they know the basics of the Lioden-Gameplay.
DT Member hand out Items, Lions and more, but they refuse to give advise and prefer to hand Newbies over to our Mentors.
The Dreamteam functions indeed as a "TEAM", they store Lion-Donations and stay in close contact to our Mentors. They're also sometimes involved into Clanevents/Raffles and get help from our Clanbank.

Newbies: If you need the help from our Dreamteam, head over to THIS Thread.

List of our current 'Dream Team'
Will be updated, as we're currently in our Applications-Phase

Dear 'Dream Team', feel free to gift our Newbies using the Dreamteam thread ! Make sure to follow the rules!

Remember though, if a new user is constantly asking you for help, please remind them that begging is against Lioden's rules and ask them to get in touch with their mentor--remember, "Give a lion a carcass and he'll eat for a day. Teach a lion to hunt and he'll eat for a lifetime."
We don't want to turn into a free handout group, but at the same time we don't want any new players to have starving lions.
So just check their pride before you give them food or lions and use your best judgement.
When in doubt, please PM us Admins and we will talk to the newbie in question.

To become a part of the Dreamteam you must:
Be under the best results of our Acceptance Test
Have and use Discord for a better communication
Want to work in a Team
Be subscribed to the DT-Thread and take care of it's visible in the Forums (Bump if needed)
Be able to be active for at least some days of the week
Hand out requested Items in the next 5 hours after claiming
Be active. Inactivity will result in demotion into a normal Member after 4 weeks.
Have filled out the DT Form, which is connected to the DT Thread.
Stay in contact with our Team.

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Clan Events:

Hello and Welcome to our Clan-Events!
Since we felt we were only a waypoint on a Newbies journey, we have decided to make this Clan a little bit better to be a place to stay.
For this reason we will host a variety of Events which will happen every other week or month. There is no set schedule, but we are almost all the time working on upcoming Events and more.

How to participate?
Well, before you do anything, you should be aware that our Clanmails usually contatin Informations about any upcoming or running Events and Raffles. So please make sure that you read and don't miss them. Furthermore we are always open for new and creative Ideas which will be interesting enough for the majority of our Clan.

If you should have any ideas, you can either message Rabe, or use our specific Discord Channel to let people vote for them.
Either way is totally fine and we are always super happy and thankful for any kind of ideas you have. You are the reason for this project, so feel free to become a part of the creative Team which forms this Clan to what it is.

Clan Events
Clan Events reach from Scavenger Hunts, over Contests, to usual Clanraffles. Either thing is a way to show that you are still active and not lost in the depths of the place called 'real life'.
While we know that this mysterious place doesn't provide you with epic drops, we are here to make sure you will find them at least here. Our prizes can be small things, like Applicators or Decor, but highvalue Lions like Dwarfs and Leopons as well.

But, hoooow?
The majority of our Prizes gets currently sponsored by our Admins. While it's surely expensive for us, we love to hand out things which aren't easily obtained. Also we love fairness and feel, that even Newbies should at least have the Chance on cool things. For this reason everyone is able to participate and reach the goal or first prize. None of our Events is too difficult for a Newbie to success ~ so simply try your luck, you will always have a chance!

To keep things working, we would really appreciate any form of donations. Here is the Donation Thread While we know that a lot of Newbies don't have too much to donate, we insist that experienced Players help us out here.
We promise you, every Donation you do will - STAY - inside the Clan. We won't keep anything for ourselves and we never will!

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Discord is a free Chatprogramm which you can download or only use via Browser. This means, you can either use it as an App, even on your Mobile, or on your Desktop as Program, or only via Browser in a new Tab. It works like a Skype chat, but has different Channel in which we can store a lot of Information or talk about different things without the risk to miss anything important.

Some of our Discord Chats are...
... a general Chat to talk about everything!
... a Sales Chat to sell your Lioden Items, Lions, or Services
... an Art Channel in which you can share your Artwork or favorite Artists
... a Channel for all of your Questions!
... as well as intern Chats for our Dreamteam and Mentorteams, to @ping eachother for a quick response to Newbies.
(And a lot of different Channel you should checkout by yourself!)

Are there Rules or something?
Yes. We do have Rules and we follow Liodens Rules, too.
This means, we won't allow Offsite Trading or any other behaviour breach against Liodens Rules. Furthermore we have a special Rank for everyone above 18 years, to share Artwork and other things which shouldn't be seen by any children.
Beside all the Rules, your help is always required, since it's completely trust based. Lioden's official Mods aren't able to help if anything goes wrong on a Discord server - be careful and follow our Serverrules, and nothing should go wrong.

All Admins and Mods on our Discord are not official parts of the LiodenStaff. We are Player like you, nothing else. We are only able to help you with specific problems on Discord, but if a trade goes wrong, we can't help. To prevent you from being scammed, we recommend you take all trades and negotations to your Lioden-PMs. We will gladly help you our with prices, negotation and advertisement of your trades. Nonetheless, the final decision is yours only.

Yay, more Raffles! We offer Discord-only Raffles in which you can only participate if you have joined our Server. So hurry, come and meet us over there and you might be lucky to win something today!

Come and join us here: Discord Link

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