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2018-09-23 11:17:01
Some decors, particularly moonlight is what comes to mind, I feel would look nicer if you could tone them down a bit. I just applied moonlight to my king, and I just.. not a huge fan on how INTENSE it is. I think if we had an option to decrease the opacity on it and other similar decors it would look much nicer. Please let me know if there's already a way, but I don't think there is! I'm sure this would take a bit of extra work, but moonlight could look much nicer if it wasn't blinding to me. Same thing with some of the particle decorations; something not so obvious and stark.


But see how intense it is? I don't really like that.

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2019-05-22 18:54:27
Hi there!
This has already been suggested on this thread.

As your thread is a duplicate suggestion, it will be locked.

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