-LOCKED - November's Big Update #3
Posted on 2018-11-09 23:10:30
RP Text Blurbs for Newer Mutations!
We have added a ton of new, cute RP blurbs that your lions can display when you visit them.
The following have been updated:
- Deaf, with a unique female-only version
- Double Uterus, with two unique pregnant-only versions
- Mane Villous
- Tigons, with unique female-only, male-only, and first generation-only versions

More will be added in future updates for any mutations that are missing flavour texts!


New Raffle Backgrounds!


We have added in four new special lioness raffle-exclusive backgrounds to our weekly raffle lioness lottery! They will rotate each week, until they reach the amount of 11 to 12 in-game each, after which they will be retired to the Gorilla Enclave as usual when that time comes.
- Lake Nakuru, famous for its flamingos!
- Mount Kilimanjaro, the famous African mountain!
- Sunset Over the Serengeti, for those Lion King vibes!
- The Drakensberg, with its gigantic mountains and valleys!

The previous set of four backgrounds has been retired into the Gorilla Enclave for everyone to enjoy! These include [Raffle] Lake Malawi, [Raffle] Moroccan Dunes, [Raffle] Rwenzori, and [Raffle] Woodlands of Zanzibar.


New Eye Applicators!


The Gorilla Enclave also has two new Eye Applicators - Peacock and Richat!
Peacock is a colourful, less-noisy sibling to Bismuth. Richat, inspired by the Eye of Richat (of course), is a very sandy colour with additional rings.

Peacock Genetics
55% Peacock, 5% Blue, 5% Yellow, 5% Pink, 5% Green, 5% Red, 5% Sapphire, 5% Emerald, 5% Paradise, 5% Crystal.

Richat Genetics
45% Richat, 15% Black, 10% Jet, 10% Bronze, 10% Earth, 10% Smoke.


Yeehaw! Every two years, we add a new set of gems. There are new gems dropping in explore now, which should prepare you for new applicators and jewelry decor sets for years to come! They are not yet available for crafting this year.


February will be the month of Dioptase and Rough Ruby.
July will be the month of Celestite and Meteorite.
November will be the month of Carnelian and Moss Agate.

Eye colours for gems are already prepared, but we've held back with designing bases for them, and are curious to see your suggestions for the following base applicators, based off of the gems Meteorite, Moss Agate, and Rough Ruby. We'll pick a design for Rough Ruby before 1st February! Invent some bases and post them in our Game art: Base/manebase ideas subforum!


New Craftable Decors!!


You can now craft Fancy Mice into Nest of Mice decors!

New Serengeti Shuffle Rewards!!
madagascanpigeon.png - Madagascan Blue Pigeon
madagascanrail.png - Madagascan Rail
pygmykingfisher.png - Madagascan Pygmy Kingfisher
polkadotplant.png - Polka Dot Plant
madagascanblueiaguana.png - Madagascan Blue Iguana
madagascanriver.png Mangoky River Background


Code of Conduct Update
We have edited the CAPS examples to reflect that we do not moderate 4 caps or less words in a sentence.

"Using excessive capital letters in chat or forum topic subjects is prohibited. Some examples are:
ThIs Is ToO mAnY cApItAl LeTtErS


Tweaks and Improvements
- November event encounters have now improved chances for questing. Quests will also expire upon rollover.
- November event quests will now also log in User Logs.
- The layout/item order in the Custom Decor catalogue has been adjusted to stop breaking lines.
- Players should be now able to turn off Translucent Jellyfish on studs they'd like to see, just like they can turn off decors.
- Updated checks on "Report a Bug" information page.
- Eye colours have been updated for most mutations.
- Bases have been updated for most mutations.
- Mottled Stripes are being updated for most mutations, and will be updated through the weekend.
Check the mutation file statuses here!

Please be aware the files are uploading and scripts are running as we post the news, and it can take an hour or two for everything to appear and be cropped for profile and battle pictures.


Bug Fixes
* Fixed First Generation Tigons' father information resetting upon birth if the mother left the pride while giving birth.
* Harlequin Ichtyosis mutation will now display properly in the Lion Wardrobe.
* Fixed redirecting to the wrong enemy in Explore.
* Topics flagged for deletion will not be visible anymore under "Search Boards".
* Tigons will now display as a mutation under "Cubs Bred".
* With the latest Scrying Stone update, random markings will no longer appear when scrying offspring outcomes between a lioness and a subordinate male.
* Art Bug Fix - Rabbit Bone Chest Wrap lioness stage had a hovering brush stroke, and was fixed.

Art Style Tutorial Update
Art Style Tutorial Thread has been updated with:
Albino Lion - Step by Step - NEW!
Dinofelis - NEW!
Manticore Cub - NEW!
Manticore Cub lineart - NEW!
Sivatherium - Step by Step - NEW!
Undead Baboon - NEW!
Tiger Encounter - Battle + Lineart - NEW!
Tiger Encounter - Buffalo Dinner + Lineart - NEW!
Tiger Encounter - Blush - NEW!
Tiger Encounter - Siberian Friend - NEW!
Tiger Encounter - Fugitive - Step by Step - NEW!
Tigon Male - close up - NEW!
Tigon Female - close up - NEW!
Tigon Cubs - close up - NEW!


Raffle Lioness

Congrats Iron Amaris (#120538)! You have won the last raffle lady!
New lady with the brand-new Lake Nakuru BG up for impressing in Special Lioness area in Crossroads or in NEWS section under News Post List!

rFoomuy.png jvCerz.png wueosBF.png

Shad has added new tags this week in the Appreciation and November categories!

Hey, we also really like how cute the female tigons came out!
LINK - New poll! We have cool lion skull and buffalo skull mask decors - should our artists do more masks like that?


Next Update: Community Update - November 16th! Next big update: Dec 14th!

Friday goofy doodle comic:


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Awesome backgrounds!

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mousies and flamingos, good shit

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