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2018-11-17 04:09:48

I see a lot of people selling lions, which is amazing! There’s almost always a market for lions, but its hard to sell lions when they are priced too high, and you don’t make any money when priced too low. So here’s a guide on how to price according to the few things that go into pricing. Each section will cover specifics, going into some detail of why they are priced that way, and some sections will have specific considerations for especially high demand traits.

Let’s put it this way, you will not make back what you put into a lion. Many pricing guides on Lioden itself go marking by marking and slap a price on each and every one. But in reality, watching the market, and pricing to a more general audience will get you the better sale.

If you’re looking to get rich quick, selling lions is not the way to go. You’re going to put in a lot more money into getting desirable lions than you will probably ever get back. This guide is a more realistic take on pricing to sell, and making money in the long run

—— age ——

Age is a tricky one, almost all cubs that you put up for sale will most likely be enclaved, or stuck with you. And lionesses that are too old will most likely die before they get sold

Cubs between 0 months and 1 year — 50-100 SB
- Affordable for those that are going to sacrifice your cubs to the enclave and these are the preferred prices for those that mass breed, potato cubs, and cubs with few markings.

Adolescents 1 year to 2 years — 150-200 SB
- Only sell Adols at 100% training. They are no longer able to be enclaved at this age, so people will really only be looking for them to add to their pride for an heir or a breeder

Adults 2 years to 10 years — 50-200+
- These are almost always tricky to sell unless they are a mutie or a very very rare base. NCL’s should really be under 50 SB as they don’t have too remarkable of markings or bases, Chased NCL’s you might get 50-100 SB depending on their bases and markings which I will cover later on

Elders 10 years to 14 years — 50-100 SB
- With so few years to breed, these don’t normally sell. You might as well chase, or keep until death. But someone might take her

—— gender ——

Females will always sell better than males. Females are the heart and soul of Lioden, and without them there would be no lions to sell. Take into account the other things in this blog when pricing

Males are like adols, sell when at 100% training or as a desirable adult sub male. Males are more likely to sell when they have over 400 stats, as then they can be grinded for stats to one day be kinged

—— stats ——

Stats are kinda in the middle of importance, but a lot more people breed for stats than they do looks. Having higher statted cubs will make them more desirable, and you can get a pretty penny out of them if you get them up high enough

One way to get high stats is to breed to high stat lions, whether that’s studding them to high statters, or purchasing high stat lionesses and having a high stat king. You can also train them in the Cub Training and then patrol or take them hunting as adols and get them to 100% training. Once they age up, they’ll get a stat boost which is determined by successes in cub training. So train them everyday, and the patrol/hunt as adols to gain more stats!

— 0-100 Stats —
- 25 - 50 SB

— 101- 500 —
50 - 200 SB

— 501-999 —
200 - 1000 SB

— 1000+ —
10 GB per thousand — 1GB per every 100

—— heats/fertility ——

Heats and fertility start to matter when females are desirable. It’s amusing to me that lower fertilities are more desirable than higher. Although, selling based on fertility can be still complicated. Fertility percentages can be revealed by clicking the Reveal button next to it.

— Very Low Fertility (1%-50%) —
— 100 SB

— Goddess (100%) —
— 75 SB

Heats are really only popular to sell if your lioness has a mutation, mostly Dwarfs, Leopons, and now Tigons. Overgrown fur and piebald variations can also be passed from the mother.

Most people auction off heats, some give them away, and others straight up sell them. I can’t really name a specific price, so I would utilize the Stockpile section in Chatter to look for other selling similar heats or decide what would be worth losing a heat for you

—— mutations ——

Oh, mutations. These are sometimes the bane of anyone’s existence. If you don’t want it, how do you price it to sell?

The quick and easy way to do it, is to find the lowest price in the TC and then go lower. You’re almost guaranteed a fast sell if your lion is desirable at the time of sale, and has a popular base and markings.

Having a mom with a mutation, does not gauruntee cubs will also have that mutation unless its a Piebald, Leopon, maybe Tigon, and overgrown fur. Nor does it boost that the cubs will have mutations because the mom did.

Here are mutations ordered from greatest to least. This list can change, but most of these will stay at the same spot on the list. The market is always changing though:

Harlequin Ichtyosis
Two Heads
Double Uterus
Extra Limbs
Primal Smilus
Primal Felis
Mane Villous
Mane Whiskered
Other Female Mane Variations
Overgrown Claws
Overgrown Teeth
Overgrown Fur
Most Piebalds/Patches
Folded Ears
Bobbed Tail

There is no way of knowing what AMP (Adult Mutation Present) will appear when a cub becomes an adult, so don’t ‘guaruntee’ anything when putting it up for sale, this can lead to issues if it doesn’t end up how you say

Always use the Trading Center when attempting to price your mutie. Your best bet to a quick sale is to be the lowest price on the market. But do take into account what base and markings it has. A dark golden with 2 markings primal isn’t going to sell at market price

Concerning Dwarfs and Hybrids
I think people should also take into account the amount of money people are going to spend on these kinds of lions just for a chance at their mutation passing. GMO Cows, CRBs, Lion meat, Lion and Buffy balls, are all quite expensive. I think to sweeten the deal, offer one of these breeding items in the trade as a kind of bonus or included in the overall price. People will definitely jump on a hot deal

—— base ——

There are way too many bases to list them all here, but a good rule of thumb is to use the base Types and market you lion towards combo bases if they are a configuration. I’ll list any bases that are particularly GB worthy, but that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get that if it’s a one mark lion.

Combo bases and what bases are used to get them can be found here

— Common —
50 SB

— Uncommon —
150 - 300
- Korat, Maltese, Onyx, Xanthic

— Rare —
200 - 1GB
- Ebony, Fiery, Cinnabar, Buttermilk, Teardrop, Prune, Flint, Fulvous

— Special —
1 - 100 GB
- Solaris, Interstellar, Cherry Blossom, Inferno, Labradorite, Rhodonite, Seth, Trophy

— Breed-Only —
10 - 100 GB
- Haze, Celestial, Orchid, Sunrise, Sunset

— Combo —
5 - 150 GB
- Cloudburst, Pulsar, Soul, Madagascar, Gilded, Citrine, Temporal

—— markings ——

Most people don’t really care to price based on markings, and I would be one of them, but there are some that can raise the price, and the ones listed here are approximate prices. As always, check the TC for up to date prices

— 0 - 3 Markings —
50 SB

— 4 - 8 Markings —
100 SB

— 9 - 14 Markings —
150 SB

— 15+ Markings —
50 SB per marking

Add the following to the above prices if:

— NCL —
These are NCL exclusive markings and can only be bred from NCL’s. The only ones that are really worth anything are the ones that come from events
Event - 30 - 50 SB

— Custom —
These can only be found in the Oasis marking applicators
200 SB per Applicator used

— Special —
Found on raffle lionnesses, hybrids, or applied by RMA’s
Rosettes - 10 - 100 GB depending on if just one, or multiple
Mottled Stripes - 100 - 200 GB
Vitiligo - 200 - 300 SB

— Applicator —
100 SB

—— eyes ——

There are very few eyes that truly matter, but don’t price solely on eye color, a potato cub with draconid eyes won’t be worth as much as one with a special base and 5+ markings. Eye colors that have been recently released will also have a higher price

— NCL —
No additive

— Custom —
Monkey Business Eye Changer
10 SB

Oasis Changer
50 SB

— Event —
5 GB

— Sectoral —
100 SB

— Applicator —
Gems - 1 GB
Other - 5 GB
Contacts - None; These do not pass

—— Trading Center ——

The TC is an important resource when pricing, though unfortunately you can’t always find the lion you’re looking for for sale, so use this and the pricing guides linked below to figure out a good price. Also make sure to pay attention where you put your price. The second column on the ‘Create a Trade’ Screen is where you put your price. It will always be ordered in SB over GB, so make sure you price it correctly. Some people will buy a wrongly priced trade and return to the creator, but others won’t be as kind

The name of your trade is important. Don’t just label your trade ‘Cub, Lioness, Enclave, etc’ people are less likely to click on it. Instead, include the stats, base, # of markings, and/or mutation in the title. These things are what are important to people and are the most likely to get you a sale

Combo trades are also great ways to get a sale. Say you have a lioness with a special base, pair it with a CRB and sell at lioness price + 500 SB (half the price of the CRB). Anything you combine with the original product, sell for half the price.

Never price a mutation at the price you put into it. You won’t get it back, as mentioned. If you put 4 GMO’s into one lioness trying to get a Leopon, don’t price it at the worth of 4 GMO’s. Price it fairly according to the things mentioned in this blog

Keep in mind, you most likely will get lowballed on mutations, and you have every right to reject an offer that you deem to low. Don’t let them message you and guilt or bully you into accepting their offer. They can’t do anything to you

Another thing of note, don’t buy into ‘promise transactions’. These are ‘I’ll give you a GMO cow, if you give me your tigon’ and not utilize the trading center for it. Always use the Private Trades tool in the TC for transactions. Don’t even do promise transactions with friends. These transactions will not be covered by moderation

Ending Thoughts

I would love to hear any others thoughts or adjustments! I’ve seen too many guides that go into detail of what base and what mark exactly are worth, and honestly I think they put too much faith in the market. This is a more practical guide in my humble opinion. Feel free to reply with any extra advice that you think should be added and I’ll definitely consider adding it if I feel it relates to the practicality aspect of this guide.

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Posted on
2018-11-17 13:14:50
I really like your guide but I can see some areas that I feel are priced too high. A market in general is mainly based off of supply vs demand. That's what makes it so tricky.

marking section could to be lowered for the gorilla applicators and Requires more than 30 craft. True it's not easy getting the actual applicators but the population of lions/cubs with the markings are plentiful. I believe it's not worth 20GB or 5gb a cub with one of the markings alone

Gem eye apps could be tweaked as well. Did some searching and each color has at least 1,000 pride members alone

Draconid may be a event eye color but there's 1,000+ pride members and 113 kings with it. I personally wouldn't buy a Draconid eyed cub for 10gb based off just the eyes. This king has Draconid eyes and sired a lot of cubs with his eyes (putting him here so you can get a feel for the pass rate although one can't know for sure by just 1 king)

That's all I can suggest. Everything else seems fair. ^_^

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Posted on
2018-11-17 22:13:58
Thank you! I will make some adjustments. I was mostly going off of other guides along with what I’ve seen being priced in the TC. Thank you for presenting your own research!

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Posted on
2019-03-26 13:24:52
I'm saving it, its a REALLY GOOD post!

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Posted on
2019-04-01 14:33:54
Glad its helpful!

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Posted on
2019-06-06 17:50:23
Hi! I'd just like to ask what you think about pricing lions with the breed-only eyes. You didn't add them into the main post. :)

Otherwise, truly amazing! You did an awesome job! :D

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Posted on
2019-06-19 17:57:22
Thank you Bones! I haven’t actually read into the new breed-only eyes yet so I will need to do some research. Really its all about the market. I suggest searching just those eyes and looking at similarly ‘eyed’ lions to see what their prices are

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Posted on
2019-11-15 10:58:13

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Posted on
2020-01-09 10:15:15
What would specifically primal FANGS sell for? Not a actual primal, but simple fangs.

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Posted on
2020-01-09 10:18:41
I've seen them go for 1GB, any more depends on the base and stats

Kizian (#192142)

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Posted on
2020-01-09 10:19:09
Alright! TY :>