-LOCKED - March Big Update! #7
Posted on 2019-03-08 07:46:24
As previously mentioned, we are removing mod paws from being visible today. If you want to read more about this decision, please check out this news post.


Mass Chase/Remove/Kill/Nature Reserve

As of today we now have access to a handy new tool which allows the mass removal of lions - this includes all options of Abandon, Chase, Kill and Send to Nature Reserve.

By visiting your Cave, scroll to your Cave Settings and there is a "Move and Mass Remove" link which will take you to the page you can use to mass remove lions.

You can remove up to 100 lions at once, the script will automatically trim down any lions you send over this mark for ease of use.

We have also added a checkbox which allows you to select ALL lions in that cave at one click. This checkbox has also been added to your Unsorted lions.

All the same rules apply to killing and nature reserve - they both still cost energy per lion (unless you have the correct personality type) and they both still award karma gains/losses per lion sent or killed.

Error messages are also very helpful, they will list everything that's stopping the system from working so that you have an easy to read list of things you need to fix:


New Ticket Submission System


In an attempt to make submitting a ticket less daunting, or aimless, we've introduced a new multiple selection system which we hope aids you in creating tickets a bit more easily!


Code of Conduct Changes

We have made some changes to our Code of Conduct - please ensure to read through the whole thing to give yourself a reminder! We will detail the most important changes below:

Updated Policy on Promise Transactions and Scamming
Previously we stepped back from moderating promise transactions, but as of today we are introducing a new stricter policy.

"We have a strict anti-scamming policy. If you conduct a sale, raffle, or any other transaction that involves the verbal agreement of two (or more, including yourself) players on the game without using the game's in-built systems and you fail to hold up your side of the deal to the letter of your terms, you may have the entire transaction forcibly reversed by moderators. You may also be permanently banned from the site."

We would like press that it is extremely important for you to make all of your promise transactions, if any, on the game. Either in PMs, on the forums, or somewhere ON Lioden. We cannot moderate agreements made offsite - on Discord, Skype, Tumblr, or any other place. We can only enforce our rules within the scope of Lioden.

Please note: this ruling will take effect from today and will not affect any previous cases.

Capital Letters and Spamming
We are moving excessive caps into spamming and removing the strict ruling about caps. We felt it was a bit pointless enforcing a rule which would see posts like "OMG I GOT A TIGON!!" being punished. Excessive caps will now fall under spamming which will be left to moderator discretion, and explicitly classes caps spamming as "Excessive capital letters in consecutive posts".


* The user log from crafting Nesting Material in Monkey Business is now more useful - showing the names of items used along with their IDs.
e.g. Crafted a Nesting Material in Monkey Business. (Dry Palm Leaf (#1040355520241, Grey Crowned Crane Feather (#1040355520397)
* Due to updates to the Code of Conduct, we have replaced some of the trivia questions with new questions!

Bug Fixes
* Some various bugs have been fixed which allowed broodmothers to hunt.
* The "Reveal Fertility" button should no longer disappear if fertility items are active.
* Crafting Nesting Material in Monkey Business should now only log the items actually used in your userlog, in case of selecting extra items.
* Oasis purchase history should now properly expire after 30 days.
* Trivia should no longer have any issues going from one day to the next regarding selected categories.
* Daily rollover summaries sometimes got stuck and would never send.
* Event currency list alternating row colors fixed.
* Artist ID now properly saves to custom decor.
* SB/GB log message now properly shows the lioness ID instead of the male ID.
* Marking slot expansions should no longer result in a broken link in the userlog.
* Branch search updated to allow searching by GB.
* Branch search now shows recently sold items as "No longer available" rather than them being invisible.
* Crossroads search now remembers "Alive Only" between pages.
* The following titles should now lock properly: Apocalyptic, Augur, Frivolous, Grumpy, Nice Guy, Smug, Studmuffin, the Asshole, the Harbinger, Total Chad, The Aztec Knight.
* Old stuck stud items have been removed from the Hoard Overview.
* Items sent with a stud request will now show in the Hoard Overview as such.
* Raffle entries will no longer show for completed raffles.
* SB/GB values are now uniformly displayed with a space between the amount and text.


Patrolling can now reward you with few new decors:

yawningdwarf.png - Yawning Dwarf Lioness
jollydwarf.png - Jolly Dwarf Lion
sunsetdesertie.png - Sunset Over The Desert


Craftable Decors:
Finally! Murex Shells can be crafted into things! We're starting off very intricate body ornaments - remember that we're planning the shells to craft into more than just Decors, but we want to start with these:


With only 10 Murex Shells per decor, you can craft following:
Murex Tailwraps: Babelomurex longispinosus
Murex Chestwraps: Babelomurex longispinosus
Murex Neckwraps: Babelomurex longispinosus
Murex Tailwraps: Rapana venosa
Murex Chestwraps: Rapana venosa
Murex Neckwraps: Rapana venosa

Now, Crafting Area also offers other Decors as of today:

shrikefeathear.png - 15x Shrike Feathers will craft into Shrike Feather Earring
moonlitemblem.png - 10x Moonlight Decors will craft into Moonlit Emblem
moonlitengraving.png - 20x Moonlight Decors will craft into Moonlit Engraving

Following Decors are available in Monkey Business:

africanflowermantis.png - Spiny Flower Mantis
mantisonbranchsecond.png - Nigerian Flower Mantis
brownmantisonbranch.png - African Twig Mantis

Also, in Oasis:
agingjackal.png - Aging Jackal



Gorilla encounter for March event has received an Art Update!

ART THREAD is updated with following:

Jolly Dwarf Lion - NEW!
Yawning Dwarf Lioness - NEW!
Smilus Battle Portrait - NEW!
Smilus Encounter - NEW!
Ferus mutation preparation size - NEW!

Our art team found this amazing program that helps you angle a skull and it automatically matches angle references of chosen animals!



Raffle Lioness

Congrats rosey (side) (#145138)! You have won last week's Cinnabar lady, with the fourth The Drakensberg background!
A new Lilac lady with Marigold Soft Unders, Feline 4 Gold, and the fifth Lake Nakuru background is up for impressing in the Special Lioness area in Crossroads, or in the NEWS section under the News Post list!

qebgp.png fDyBkH.png kBnmhrw.png

Shad has added new tags this week in the Appreciation and Doodles categories!

Poll Results - Oooh thank you for helping us see your desired decors themese for May! We'll try to balance them all based on the amount of votes!

NEW POLL - Which hybrid is your favourite?


Next Update: Community Update - March 15th!
Next Big Update: April 12th!!

Friday goofy doodle comic:


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Yay for dwarf decor!

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Thank you!!!!!!!!

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The decors look awesome!

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Almost got first lol

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Oh that's so useful thank you!

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some people spam to get here first? lol

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Forgot today was the second Friday of the month, haha. Realized less than 5 minutes before the post.

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finally, the mass removal tool is the blessing i've been waiting for ๐Ÿ˜”โœŒ

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shell time

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the moonlight decors are stunning !!!

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Love that comic.

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Yay new decors!

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