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Ferus Approaching!

Just as we mentioned in March's event news, we're posting a dedicated news post to explain how Primal (Ferus) works!
It is uniquely introduced by the Anti-Poaching event, and its lore is tied closely to March.

Once Tier 2 is unlocked, a rare encounter will appear in Explore. The encounter chance will be raised once Tier 3 is unlocked!


A shaman will approach you and, guided by the avenging ancient spirits, this shaman will offer you a special item that you can accept by clicking a button. The item is guaranteed to be granted upon clicking said button, and you will receive one Mukombero.


This special breeding item can only be given to adult female lionesses that are not mutated and are of breeding age - this means she cannot be any younger than 2 years, cannot be any older than 14 years, and cannot already be mutated.
Once given to the female, she will refuse to breed during the day, as the ancient spirits must be present during the breeding. This can only happen at night! With this special circumstance in mind, once the lioness is bred, one Primal (Ferus) cub will be guaranteed in her next litter.
It does not matter if the stud has a mutation or not during a Mukombero breeding.

How It Works
This effect will come into play at the very end of a bred litter. Mukombero guarantees one Primal (Ferus) cub, no more and no less, so it will overwrite one of the lioness's cubs, no matter what other items are used. This includes GMO Cows and all other mutation items. For example, if the breeding results in more than one cub being born, and you use mutation items, it's possible that there will be another mutation born in the same litter; however, using Mukombero, you will never receive more than one Primal (Ferus).
This is a great opportunity for you to plan breedings and select your Ferus's parents with desired bases and markings!

The Ferus, if made king, has a battle boost against primates. This is tied into its lore, as it was spawned into this world to seek revenge against the poachers. We're very excited about this feature!


Natural Breeding Mechanics
* Both male and female Ferus lions have a chance to pass on Primal (Ferus) on their own, as well as any other primal variations. The chance for this is low.
* If a stud is given a Pennyroyal, and both parents are Ferus, the chance of Ferus passing is higher than usual. If only one parent is Ferus, this boost will not trigger.
* Other variations cannot spawn a Ferus via normal breeding. Ferus is only introduced into the population via Mukombero.

Ferus Lore Summary
The Primal (Ferus) is a new type of Primal variation. It is a very beastly and primeval creature restored into lion populations by the most ancient ancestors of big cats to avenge all animals killed by poachers. Their size is not that impressive, but their skills in defeating primates are exceptional. Both males and females are equally fierce and do not have anatomical differences aside from a scarce mane and cheek fluff visible on males.

We'd like to present you all with a more polished size chart of all Primal variants compared to normal lions and human size - it is clickable if you want a large size.


Ferus is a Latin word describing something untamed, fierce, and wild. We found it quite fitting to this Primal variation!

For Custom Decor artists, here's a .psd - also shared in Art Tutorial thread:
Ferus 3,6Mb

EDIT: Player questions we caught so far:
Q: Is Mukombero limited to 1 per account?
A: No! You can have as many as you want, and get multiple encounters if you're lucky.

Q: Is it usable outside of the event?
A: Yes! It's just obtainable during March.

Q: Is the Mukombero breeding done in real life night?
A: No no. Lioden seasonal night time, visible on the side menu! :D

Q: Is the encounter only available at night?
A: No, you can get it anytime, in any zone!

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