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Potato Wolf 14 (#118409)

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2019-04-10 03:45:31
Yeahhhhh so, that closed until June thing didn't work out. Now I have no exams at all XD So, I'm back open!

Writing is one of my favourite hobbies, so I thought, why not?

When ordering, I will need to know some things that will help

-Any characters you'd like to include, though this isn't necessary (appearance, names, etc)
-The personality of the characters (just so I have an idea for dialogue)
-The plot of the short story, if there is one
-The setting, atmosphere, and general "feel" of the story
-Whether it is first or third person
-If you want to be a oneshot (SFW), and tell me the plot you want for it
-Any other details you deem necessary

Please note that there doesn't have to be dialogue or characters, it can be pure description if you wish ^.^

If you want to check out an example of my writing, I have a fanfiction account

All Short stories are 500SB. I will not write any multiple chapter stories


Please be patient with me. I have studies to attend to and I also try to update my fanfiction regularly.

When I have finished, I will PM you. Due to the fact I know some people will try to take my work without paying, I will require payment beforehand :)

Order below or PM me. When I've completed your commission, feel free to suggest improvements if you have any.

PM me for any further questions :D


Part of a novel I'm planning (if you figure out the mess that is the plot from this, please don't steal ^.^):

Commission for Tree_Yiska #159109. Please do not steal.

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Jacimagicwhitedeer (#87017)

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Posted on
2019-05-18 06:53:40
don't worry i will be patient with you. if course i will pay you before hand.

i am wondering if you would consider writing a bio/back story for my schleich figure(s)? i will provide you with the information.

if no please explain why.

Potato Wolf 14 (#118409)

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Posted on
2019-05-18 09:05:59
A bio should be no problem! PM me the details of what you would like to go in them and I'll get started when I can!

Tree_Yiska (#159109)

Bone Collector
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Posted on
2019-10-15 14:43:18
I really like your writing style. Are you okay with writing about monsters per say? I have this one character, a hellhound, and I know that some people aren’t exactly comfortable with writing about them. I can pm details.

Potato Wolf 14 (#118409)

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Posted on
2019-10-16 00:53:52
I have no problem with writing about hellhounds :). Pm me the details and I'll get started when I can :D

SinnamonHowell (#125769)

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Posted on
2020-04-20 13:02:31
Bookmarking for later, definitely interested in this. ^^

Potato Wolf 14 (#118409)

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Posted on
2020-04-20 13:40:33
No problem! Not like I have exams to study for XD. Feel free to PM me when you have an idea of what you'd like ^.^