Posted by Just came back from like a 4-5 year hiatus lol

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2019-05-15 16:09:41
Hey i just came back from like a nearly 5 year hiatus, where i logged on sporadically every year or so, i had forgotten this site and i just rediscovered it and i'm so happy my account is still here lol.

however i do need some help getting back into the swing of things, if anyone is willing to update me on all the changes? I'm really struggling to earn silver beetles at the moment so any tips on that would be fabulous as well.

I'm not familiar with almost any of the newer markings, colors, "bases", etc... so any tips on figuring those out as well? Also lol i went on hiatus before mutations were a thing and so i am heckin confused there too lol.

Also all my old buds on here quit years ago so down for friends too!

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Posted on
2019-05-15 16:17:23
Hey! welcome back

To get more sb I recommend just sending your lionesses to hunt(10 times) then explore when you can. You can earn about 800-1200sb a day unless you have a side.

There is a TON of new bases with varying rarity/and pass rates so it depends on what you are looking for. Like if you want red/black bases etc. I can help narrow it down.

For mutations, there is so many new amazing ones like tigons, Ferus, Felis, piebalds, patches, and some other random ones. But if you look through the Lion Wardrobe and pick out some you like I can help with those :)

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Posted on
2019-05-15 16:17:51
Oh boy, you have a lot to catch up on then.

There's a wiki you can follow for mutations, markings and bases.
It's found: HERE.

In summary, there are two hybrids. Leopons and Tigons; both can be passed down naturally through breeding with a 5% pass rate.
Piebalds, Patches and Primals can be passed too. Both genders of pies/patches can pass the mutations, however, female primals cannot with the exception of the Primal (Ferus), which is new this year.
There's also some other smaller mutations like Mane muties, Bobbed Tails, Folded Ears, Achromia, etc, which can all pop up randomly during breedings and higher chance with the use of an item called GMO Cow or Lion Meat, or even Cotton Root Bark in the Oasis.

There's been SO many new bases so you're best looking at the wiki for that. Too many to explain

I think the wiki would be your best bet, as I don't think I can explain 4-5 years worth of updates to you. I only joined in like mid to late 2017 and I'm not sure exactly what was there and what wasn't when you joined/played.

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Posted on
2019-05-15 17:18:43
Welcome back!

I would second the suggestion to check out the official wiki (linked at the very top right of the page next to the logout button). Overall that's the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of info about pretty much all aspects of the game. It's a fantastic resource both for learning more about game stuff in general and for looking up more specific topics :)

The other thing that might help is to read (or more likely just skim because there's a lot!) back through recent news posts, to see what has been added. You can get to them all via the 'News' link in the bar towards the top of the page. The FAQ link beside it is pretty useful too!

Last year they changed the news system from weekly content updates to one big new content update per month, and then the other 3 weeks much smaller community based updates with raffles etc. So the big update ones are the posts where major stuff (muties, new gameplay features, etc etc) tend to be mentioned. Plus of course the one at the start of each month which explains that month's special event - events are a big big part of the game these days, which you probably won't be familiar with if you've been away for so long, so they're definitely worth checking out - they're all listed on the wiki too.

The other thing I'd suggest is to take a while looking round and maybe playing with looks in the lion wardrobe etc before shelling out a whole lot of money on new lions immediately. Once you have a bit of a clearer idea of what's new/old, valuable/common - and of course what things you personally like best - you'll be better able to find some good deals without being ripped off or ending up with lions that aren't quite what you really need or want. Nothing worse than spending all your funds and then realising the next day that you actually want something completely different from what you ended up with!

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Posted on
2019-05-20 21:22:28
So I've been checking out the Wiki a bit lol, it's just probably 3x as many bases and markings as when I left! For reference, the "dark brown panther" marking was like the hot new thing when i quit LOL.

Would anybody be willing to pm with me and help me go through my lions and pick out which ones to keep, and kinda give me the value on some of my things? I'm kind of experimenting with marks, but i have several what i think are nicely statted lionesses that i can start my next generation with, i just might need a litttttttle guidance. also thinking of just giving in and buying GB next payday lol.