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2019-05-15 23:53:22
As I'm looking to acquire GB, I'm just looking to see how this'll go. Not very sure with it but hey.

I don't want to spend too much SB atm, as I'm saving that up as well, so I'm offering MB for this month as well as items from my hoard as that's really all I have. I currently have 200 MB after spending it but thats sure to rise again as I'm on rather frequently. I'm really open to anything, trades, GB, SB, but it would be currency perferabley.

I'll put up any updates if need be.

My branch can be found here! It would be appreciated as well.

My hoard:

xVf7sdY.jpg xaKZr7G.jpg jixVq0m.jpg oHaKO5N.jpg QIDr5Mf.jpg

I also have trophy items (lion's claw, lion's tooth ect), not shown here.

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