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Roops (#173177)

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2019-05-16 04:03:30
Hello! :)

I've went ahead and finally set myself my first breeding goal! And it'll likely take me quite some time, but I'm patient~
However, as this is my first real project here, I'm hoping to get some tips! :)

Wardrobe Link

Now, not all of that is 100% necessary!

Must have (if slot-wise possible):
Bloodbourne Siamese (Slot 3) ✔️
Aufeis Maofelis
Aufeis Coat
Hyena Spots Scarce White
Bloodbourne Vitiligo
Demonic Feralis/Feralis Red (Slot 6) ✔️
Feline 2 Ebony
Red Ghost Feralis
Red Ear Spots

Elysian Base
Nuummite Mane
Dawn Eyes
Any mutation

My questions:

1. How do people generally go about breeding special bases and eyes onto their goals?
2. Follow-up to the above: How do people go about breeding mutations onto their goals?
3. Do markings have passing rates? Like, do some markings pass commonly while others are rare?
4. Is there a place to check in which slots markings can appear and any tips regarding that topic?
5. Is there an item to instantly turn a cub to an adult? (EDIT: And are females in heat a few days later or still have to wait the 'growing up' time out?)
6. Not a question really, but mostly looking for items that people use for breeding projects!

I think those are all my specific questions! :)
I'm very open to any other tips though, teach me! :D

Thank you very much~

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pretzelbear🥨 (#159405)

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Posted on
2019-05-16 04:11:39
1. Go to the lioden wiki page about genetics for the base! It helps A LOT!! Also, use an Opal Saltlick for the eyes if you have a lion already with the eyes. If you don't want to use these on every breeding, I recommend that all lions you are using have the eyes you want.

2. Mutations can usually be achieved faster if the mutation you want is passable, therefore you can use studs/lionesses with that mutation. Otherwise, just use CRB, LM, or a GMO cow

3. Markings pass rates are dependent on whether one or both of the parents have the marking (with the exception of rosettes, which have unique breeding patterns). For example, if the father has Dark Brown Mantle in slot 5, the cub has a chance of getting the same marking. If the father AND the mother have dark brownma ntle in slot 5, then the cub has a higher chance of getting the marking.

4. I know that most markings can be in any slot, with the exception of mottled stripes/rosette, but you might want to look more into this.

5. You have to use an aging stone (oasis) and then an aging crystal (monkey business)

6. I will answer this one later, I have to go now!

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Roops (#173177)

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Posted on
2019-05-16 04:43:44
I do have a lot of the wiki pages saved already heh
I'm still wondering if there's any tricks to making the bases pass at a higher rate? Since I imagine passing a base AND the right markings is pretty difficult - or is it just fully luck based?

Thank you for those answers already! :D

pretzelbear🥨 (#159405)

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Posted on
2019-05-16 08:15:12
I'm currently in sunrise hell trying to breed one.

My strategy is to breed my Red Light Countershaded Rare ladies to a Red Light Countershaded Special stud, because Rare+Special has the same % for a special base as Special+Special.

What markings are you trying to pass? Can they be applied or are they breed-only?

Roops (#173177)

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Posted on
2019-05-16 08:41:36
Let's see, I know there's some I could apply later:

2 Aufeis and 2 Bloodbourne markings, for which I'd have to be lucky and rich lmao
Red Ghost Feralis and Feralis Red are RMA, so no chance to apply that realistically, only breeding for those
Red Ear Spots is custom, so I should be able to easily apply that one!
Feline 2 Ebony has an applicator, too and I'd be okay with 1, 3, 5 and 8, so that might be realistic... if I get the funds and get lucky again

5 I could apply but they are expensive
2 I need to breed for 100%
1 I can easily apply

Which is why I've settled for the base being a bit of a stretch, but I was thinking maybe someone has tips how to go about it! I won't be devastated if the base ends up too out of my reach :D