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2019-05-27 01:41:00
Yep, got a Discord running for animal enthusiasts to join up and talk animals! That being said, we're an open sort and not the kinds of people who're elitists about things, rather we do our best to maintain an open, accepting and friendly community even when differences arise in opinion or views. For example some may have outdoor cats, some may raise two puppies together, others might house betta in something smaller than 20gal, some may use tubs over tanks for certain species of snakes, etc. Overall we overcome these differences and even if we dislike it, we do our best to move on or ignore it. While we absolutely speak up against legitimate, genuine intentional cruelty or neglect of animals, that is entirely different than how we keep and maintain our animals in different manners. We're allowed to have deeper discussion, but don't turn it into personal attacks!

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