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azima [main] (#126735)

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2019-06-08 09:54:15
So I never understood the point of having our Kings need to be a certain level to access different areas in explore. The farthest I've ever managed to get with a previous king, was the Dry Savannah. I've never even seen/been able to get a high enough level to see the explore areas beyond that. And it's always bothered me.

Leveling your king is hard, especially when you have to consider his stats. I don't care about stats. I don't care about leveling my king - he's not a Pokemon! I'm a casual player, who plays for fun and to try and breed mutie cubs.

Why can't we have the level requirements removed, so everyone can access every part? I get that it adds something for people to work for, but for casual players, it's impossible. By the time my king would reach level 31+, he'd be about to retire.

Also, this message when you try to enter a locked area: "Unfortunately, you do not meet the level requirement for this zone and it is not safe for you to enter! Please return back to the main explore area to choose a more suitable zone for your level."

Why is it unsafe? I rarely ever battle enemies. What is so unsafe about it, if I don't ever battle while exploring? Okay, it might just be "flavor text" but still.

So, if we can't have the level requirements removed, maybe we could be able to use GB to unlock each level? x amount of GB to unlock Rocky Hills, another x amount of GB to unlock Arid Desert, and so on. I'd pay GB to be able to unlock the entire map. And wouldn't that get more people to donate to get GB and thus bring in more revenue for the site?

Maybe each time you retire your king, it starts over? You can level him to gain access to locked areas or pay GB again? Maybe the GB price could be fair and not too high, especially if we would have to pay to unlock the areas again with each king.

This suggestion has 10 supports and 25 NO supports.

Dream Catchers (#95572)

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Posted on
2019-06-08 10:22:11
I never get past dry Savannah lol but with what you said "pay to unlock " and it rests would be just a waste of GB. You would have to pay for it again that just leaves a lot of gb just to be able to explore it again. I don't think people would keep paying. I say have it a set amount and it stays unlocked or make king leveling easier

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TheOakWoods (#167680)

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Posted on
2019-06-08 11:29:26
The reason for separate areas is so that kings that are level 385 or something aren't getting 50 exp per battle. It's because the weaker the enemy is, the less experience it gives you. So as you level up, you need stronger enemies... and therefore a new zone. Sorry, no support.

AnimeWolf56 (#33369)

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Posted on
2019-06-09 10:08:48
i feel you here, i tried for two kings in a row, working as hard as i could to get as high as i could, wanting to see new areas, and i think i barley got to Rocky Hills. I get that you need to work for them, maybe make it a bit easier? Or easier to level up?

Hallowed #rawhides (#24909)

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Posted on
2019-06-23 14:59:39
So if you're a casual player why should it matter whether or not you're able ro access all explore zones? I don't mean for this to sound rude but the whole point of being a casual player is going at your own pace.

Seiden 👑 (#31516)

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Posted on
2019-06-23 15:03:04
There's no specific stuff in these zones, then it shouldn't be a problem for you not being able to access them.

There's reasons why these zones are only accessible for high levels :
- The ennemies are stronger
- It gives you a goal to reach, a little challenge

The game would lose its interest if everything and anything was fully accessible without having to work for it. If you want something, then you have to play for it.
I'm a casual player too, I don't spend much time on the site and don't have funds to buy items nor anything, yet I managed to reach the highest zone. It's not that hard, you just have to play a bit everyday.
And if you only want to play once a week, then the first zones are more than enough. They give you everything you need.