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2019-06-12 16:50:36
Meet Chernobog


Stats: 700+

Base: Jet (black skin)
Genetics: Black Dark Solid Common
Eyes: Red
Mane Type: Diabolic
Mane Color: Penumbra
Mutation: Primal


Slot 4: Immolation Brindle (18%)
Slot 5: Heather Sable (9%)
Slot 6: Sunset Feralis (52%)
Slot 9: Onyx Tips (19%)


Stud fee: 100 sb or 1 gb

Will do traditional breedings if I'm out of stud slots!
» VLF friendly
» VLF lionesses need to have their fertility revealed.
» Please use the GB option for lionesses 10% and under unless they have a chasteberry or black stallion.
» I will ask you to chasteberry or black stallion after 15-20 tries (unless I'm not using my energy for anything, or you've paid in GB.)

Traditional Breeding:
» Cost for traditional breeding is the same as his stud fee (100 SB, or 1 GB for 10% and under).
» You must provide an IBF, or enough food for 3 days if you'd like me to hold onto her.
» Please label your lioness with your ID, either in her name or bio, it helps me make sure i don't end up chasing her off by accident

Muties produced

Please do let me know if he produces any muties

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Mr.Stark (#165324)

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2019-08-19 14:41:46
If you pay 1 gb you will get 3 free breedings
If you stud more than three girls to him you will get a 50% discount