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2019-06-28 00:43:59
Putting my kings, Aten-Nui and Hazevran up for studding! ^^/



Link to Aten-Nui here!

Price: 200 or 1

Base: Ice (Blue Skin)
Genetics: Black Dark Countershaded Special
Eyes: Dawn
Mane Type: Normal
Mane Color: Glacial

Slot 1: Hyena Spots Heavy White (48%)
Slot 2: White Mottled Fissures (52%)
Slot 4: Feline 8 Maroon (72%)
Slot 5: Maofelis Gold (70%)
Slot 7: Fuchsia Ghost Feralis (80%)

Hidden Markings:
Under White 7 (Slot 12)
Quartz Tips (Slot 15)

Breed with Cocoa, Ethereal, Pearl, Slate to get Caringorn. Breed with Divine or Ebony to get Elysian :>




Link to Hazevran here!

Price: 200 or 1

Base: Ebony (Black Skin)
Genetics: Black Dark Solid Rare
Eyes: Pink
Mane Type: Royal
Mane Color: Hematite

Slot 1: Ardor Feline Unders (44%)
Slot 2: Arctic Rogue (86%)
Slot 7: Feline 8 Elysian (49%)
Slot 8: Sunset Siamese (57%)
Slot 9: Brimstone Ghost Feralis (61%)

Breed with Ardor, Hellebore, Rhodonite to get Nadir. Breed with Ice to get Elysian. Breed with Ivory to get Soul :>

No rules, but be patient if I don't get to you right away! ^^

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