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The July event launches on July 1st at 00:00am LDT, and will end on July 31st at 11:59pm LDT. All unused event currency will be stored on your account until next year.

Falling Stars!


July has started, and as is commonly known, the greatest meteor showers will begin this month, especially over the southern hemisphere where Africa gets bombarded by millions of tiny meteorites! The Earth is hit with roughly 40,000 tonnes of space debris (bits left over from the Solar System's formation) EACH YEAR. Crazy, huh?!
Your lions have noticed that the lights also appeared within forests as fireflies! Is this all connected? What's the mystery behind that?!

Remember to check out the Wiki for information about the July event!


Clouded Forest & Fireflies
A beautiful Clouded Forest will open its thicket to you if you pay your toll to an eagle guard. Once per 30 minutes you can hunt for fireflies and work towards unlocking the amazing Firefly Shop! Make sure to sit down and enjoy the dancing fireflies before you catch them!

New in 2019! (with two more coming as we type the news!)
Celestials: Scorpio
Southern Carmine Bee-Eater
Selous’ Mongoose
Hairy Slit-Faced Bat
Blood Acraea
Little Bee-Eater
Zimbabwe Aloe
Nyanga Mountains
Acacia Forest
Acacia Forest at Night


Celestial Lion & Meteorite Shards
This month as well, a mysterious self-proclaimed god Apedemak appears on Lioden's lands and asks you to gather Meteorite Shards in Explore.
The more shards you collect, the more amazing stuff you can unlock from his far-away lands. Meteorite Shards are useful for Celestial Lion's Tier 1 Zimbabwe Exploring, but they can also be spent in Tefnut's Temple!


Crafting & Gems
Under the Crafting page in Monkey Business, crafting will be available right away. This month's favoured gems are Celestite, Jasper, Labradorite, Moonstone, and Peridot.

Below, we've provided a list of crafting recipes!

* 50 x Gem: Jasper ➜ Dust: Jasper (Jasper eye changer)
* 50 x Gem: Labradorite ➜ Dust: Labradorite (Labradorite base applicator)
* 50 x Gem: Moonstone ➜ Dust: Moonstone (Moonstone base applicator)
* 50 x Gem: Peridot ➜ Dust: Peridot (Peridot eye changer)
* 30 x Gem: Moonstone ➜ Shards: Moonstone (Moonstone mane base applicator)
* 15 x Gem: Jasper ➜ Jewelry: Jasper Adornments
* 15 x Gem: Jasper ➜ Jewelry: Jasper Necklace
* 15 x Gem: Jasper ➜ Jewelry: Jasper Pendant
* 15 x Gem: Jasper ➜ Jewelry: Jasper Shawl
* 15 x Gem: Labradorite ➜ Jewelry: Labradorite Pendant
* 15 x Gem: Moonstone ➜ Jewelry: Moonstone Bracelets
* 15 x Gem: Moonstone ➜ Jewelry: Moonstone Circlet
* 15 x Gem: Moonstone ➜ Jewelry: Moonstone Crown
* 15 x Gem: Moonstone ➜ Jewelry; Moonstone Pendant
* 15 x Gem: Moonstone ➜ Jewelry: Moonstone Veiled Circlet
* 15 x Gem: Peridot ➜ Jewelry: Peridot Nose Chain [Gold]
* 15 x Gem: Peridot ➜ Jewelry: Peridot Nose Chain [Silver]
* 15 x Gem: Peridot ➜ Jewelry: Peridot Pendant

New in 2019!
Jewelry: Celestite Gem Headpiece
15 x Gem: Celestite
Jewelry: Jasper Gem Headpiece
15 x Gem: Jasper
Jewelry: Loop Scarf [Peridot]
15 x Gem: Peridot
Jewelry: Labradorite Shard Necklace
15 x Gem: Labradorite
Jewelry: Moonstone Chains
15 x Gem: Moonstone
Jewelry: Jasper Circlet
15 x Gem: Jasper
Dust: Celestite
50 x Gem: Celestite

Celestite eyes are new this year!
Eye Genetics: 40% Celestite, 10% Starshine, 20% Sapphire, 20% Crystal, 10% Blue.

Question: When is "Gem: Meteorite" going to be craftable?
Answer: In 2020!

New in the Oasis!
The new background in the Oasis this year is Pōwehi, the Black Hole our civilisation photographed for the first time! What else is new this year is that all new July Oasis backgrounds will cost 6 GB (rather than 10 GB) from now on.



Celestial Tiers!

The tiers are unlocked by gathering Meteorite Shards!

Tier One: Zimbabwe Explore
Here, you'll spend your shards! One (1) Meteorite Shard = One (1) minute of exploring.
This will send your lion scavenging for treasures. Depending on the amount of time you spend, the results will actually vary! 10 minutes spent scavenging will differ from 54 minutes spent, and 54 minutes will be less exciting than 130 minutes! Obviously, you will find unique items depending on the time you spend, so have fun discovering!

The new area that you guys voted for is Nyanga Mountains! There are new items to be found there, and some extra Tail Tuft Hair for collectors!

Marshall’s Pygmy Chameleon
Purple-Crested Turaco
Spotted Bush Snake
Nyanga Trout
Sable Horns

Tier Two: Celestial Raffle
Just like last year, every 12 hours, a new lioness will appear with a base, markings, and eyes that are unique to this month!

2019 releases the Leonid base paired with Draconid eyes.
This year, there will be a 50/50 rotation of Type 1 and Type 2 Celestial lionesses. There is no set order - it is random which type will be generated.

Type 1 will have Celestial, Skyward, Sidereal, or Sunset markings on any slot, the Leonid base, and Draconid eyes.
Type 2 will have the Celestial, Skyward, Sidereal, Sunrise, or Sunset base, no markings, and Dawn, Starshine, or Sunglow eyes.


Leonid's genetics are Black Medium Countershaded Special, and it's tied to Butterfly skin.

Oh, by the way, we've lowered the Celestial Raffle price to 6 Fireflies!

Yay! The Leonid base was originally a user suggestion - LINK! We loved the design as a new raffle base, with a few minor edits. Thank you very much!

Tier Three: Murder Stone... Er, Celestial Stone
When you sacrifice a lion that is not pregnant, not nursing, not a broodmother, not in a trade or on a trade cooldown, not frozen, not secured, not hunting, not patrolling, or not in a raffle, you will receive a wonderful reward for brutally killing sending the lion to Apedemak's world. Rewards vary, and remember - we cannot bring back a lion that you've sacrificed on accident. There's many confirmations, though. It's best to name those lions "KILL ME" or "MURDER STONE" just to be sure.

* Cubs cannot be sacrificed. Even if the cubs were chased, the mother is still considered nursing until 16 days of cooldown pass.
* The Celestial Stone does not affect karma.

And, of course, near the end of the month, the Frivolous Apedemak decor will appear in the Oasis to be purchased as usual!


2019 Storyline

The Civil War begins...


Just as promised, weeks of preparation and hardcore coding have blossomed into a giant storyline. It is separated into 6 novels with 3 alignments and... 5 endings. Let me assure you, there's only 1 ending per account, so the rewards at the end will stay rare. You guys voted for this. >:D Choose wisely!

Daily Quests
* After Novel 1 introduces you to the storyline you will be taken to a default NPC setup. You will face 3 NPCs you can do quests with, however you can only take 1 quest at once, and when you're done, there's 12 hours of cooldown.
* Cooldown is only started once you finish a quest.
* During your questing progress, other NPCs will become "locked" - and will unlock after the cooldown passes.
* Daily quests are randomised from 5 possible options and will always reward same rewards, but the event currency will be randomized to a degree.
* Every NPC will have different quests and different roleplay quote blurbs (for example, Menhit will ask you to gain karma, while Apedemak would prefer if you killed lions in your pride).
* Every completed quest will also grant you 2 reputation with your chosen NPC.
* Once you reach 40 reputation with that NPC, the others will become locked.
* Reputation does not matter other than for locking other NPCs.
* The ending of the storyline will affect the daily quests.
* Apollyon is not introduced on Novel 1. He appears after Novel 2.


The Novels
The Novel, filled with many decisions, will reveal to you the story behind Apedemak's origins, Menhit's purpose, and Apollyon's originals as well. Your choices can stray the outcome of a Celestial war. There are multiple endings - five, to be exact. Which one will you end up with?

During the chapters, you will be able to pick sides; but, as you learn about the lore and situations, maybe your opinion will change? Maybe you will crave something else that you thought would be great for you? Sure, the Celestial path sounds great if you want a Celestial mane, but... maybe Apollyon was right all along?!

There are extra quests WITHIN the Novel that you must finish before you can progress. Oh, and there are rewards for quests AND the chapter endings - and they can vary, depending on your choices. That's why we recommend using the Wiki if you have specific needs. The Wiki has content from 2017 and 2018 and will be updated accordingly.
Hey, don't worry. The Novel quests are made to be done with fairly fast. We even made Apollyon appear during the day to make it easier. <3

You can align with an NPC around Chapter 5 for the final time. While Menhit's ending is pretty linear, aligning with Apedemak and Apollyon can change everything by 180 degrees for both of each of the NPCs' endings. You could say that the guys have both "good" and "bad" endings, but is there truly such a black-and-white outcome? Only time will tell. The outcome of the whole storyline will lie in your paws, brave lions.


Novel 1 will begin immediately in the "Civil War" banner storyline that will appear in the EVENT tab. We strongly advise you to bookmark that page so that you have swift access. Daily quests will be in that same place, unlocked after you finish a Novel.

* The daily quests do not affect the storyline.
* There are extra quests inside of the chapters.
* Finishing a chapter should reset your daily quest cooldown.
* You can reset your preferred NPC's reputation up to Chapter 5 during the storyline a few times, so don't fret!
* Chapter 5 will give you a final choice and determine your daily quests for the remainder of the month.
* Chapter 5 will determine what kind of ending decision you will face.
* New chapters unlock on specific dates - 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, and 25th of July.
* If you start the storyline or join in later in the month, you will finish each chapter in order before getting to the daily quest setup.
* The ending you receive may affect explore encounters and daily questing visuals.
* If you prefer an ending but desire other rewards, you have to trade with other players. Rarity is the key here.

2019 Changes
* The mane applicator rewards have been swapped to include Astral (Apollyon's path), Heavenly (Menhit's path), and Divine (Apedemak's path).
* The older mane applicators (Celestial Blessing, Sidereal Blessing, and Skyward Blessing) will now be purchasable within Tefnut's Temple.
* The Curse of Divine base applicator will now be purchasable within Tefnut's Temple.
* Almost every choice at the end of the chapter now has extra decor rewards!

Tefnut’s Flower
Novel 1 - Addition to Setting Sun reward.
Broken Kingdom
Novel 2 - Addition to Chilling Apedemak reward.
Pure Morning
Novel 2 - Addition to Chilling Apollyon reward.
Celestial Detritus
Novel 3 - Addition to Call to the Stars reward.
Divine Grace
Novel 3 - Addition to Divine Promise reward.
Whispering Trinkets
Novel 4 - Addition to Whispering Glow reward.
Whispering Rocks
Novel 4 - Addition to Broken Ritual reward.
Guardian Whisper of Tefnut
Novel 4 - Addition to Sunset's Memorial reward.

For finishing the whole Novel, you get a Heavenly Serenity applicator. This is a base that you guys voted for to appear in 2019, inspired by Menhit's story!


Heavenly's genetics are Cream Medium Solid Special, and it's tied to Fallow skin.

Good luck, lions. The fate of the Celestial world depends on your choices.


Tefnut's Temple


Tefnut's Temple area appears on the EVENT page. Similar in the concept of the community working together, we're presenting a temple to a beloved Celestial Lioness being built this year. Unfortunately, due to a busy wolfy and interstellar time in our development studio, our plans for a Tefnut side quest have been delayed to 2020.

This year, you can donate your SB or special crafting items (such as Large Rocks) to help with the construction. Once the temple is built, a shop will unlock where you will be able to find Sunset marking applicators and Tefnut-related decors for Meteorite Shards.

2019 Items
* Celestial, Skyward, and Sidereal mane base applicators.
* Divine base applicator.
* Shard Growth decor.
* Demiurge base applicator. Wait, what's that?

The Demiurge is an NPC who you will meet during the upcoming interstellar journey. We're very excited to introduce him to you soon, and we've chosen this wonderful base suggestion - LINK - as his fur. It really matches his purpose and the theme of his storyline! We thought that Tefnut's Temple is a good place to obtain it, as he is, in a way, Tefnut's creator.


Demiurge's genetics are Black Medium Solid Special, and it's tied to Black skin.


A Reminder of July's Combo Base
This is your yearly reminder that the Pulsar base can now be bred again! What's unique about Pulsar is that it can ONLY be bred during the month of July, with the following factor bases.

Base Factor 1: Arctic, Pulsar
Base Factor 2: Anjeer, Blazing, Inferno, Prune, Pulsar

Outside of July, you can only breed Pulsar x Pulsar to produce more Pulsar lions.


Another Look at Interstellar


Ahhh, the Interstellar base. It can still be found in the same way within Explore as a super rare drop; *however*,we are staying true to our announcement.
For our big Friday update on July 12th, we'll be introducing the long, exhausting quest that makes it possible for any dedicated player to obtain the Interstellar Remnants base applicator! It's a big project that contains its own small storyline, and it's free of rare RNG drops!

It will also introduce a new adorable NPC, unique enemies, and expand upon the Celestial lore a little bit. It will have some hefty requirements to begin the quest, but once you take it, you'll be able to finish it any time, even if July has ended.

We want these long, once-per-lifetime quests to mean something to a player. For your hard work and time invested, it's paid off properly. They will require a variety of interactions with multiple Lioden mechanics. We cannot wait to launch it! Stay tuned - there's more information coming in 12 days!

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