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tae 🌻 [PFM] cl
uneven demi (#134334)

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Posted on
2019-07-06 02:47:56

Hi~~ I am tae and I'm here to search for an heir!
I'm keeping my king look since end of July 2018 and I'm kinda bored with it. :(

I will NOT be looking through dens. Any posts that links a den will be ignored.

what I'm looking for?
>>>need black special base! would be great if breed only <<
markings of T3+
6/7+ markings
breed only markings are heavily prefered
special eyes - would die for july eyes
savage, royal or tsavo (highly prefered) mane
gender doesn't matter, as long as they are sex changeable, cub preferable
mutation would be great: interested in piebalds or patches; not interested in primals or non passable mutations

of course your lion doesn't need to have all of this traits, it would be impossibleXD but the more it have, the most likely I would pick it

PLEASE NOTE: I will NOT spend EVERYTHING on a single lion if it isn't worth it. not all Gb has to or will be spent if it isn't necessary, might pay extra for higher stats

At this moment I can offer
20 GB

a lot of decors and backgrounds // ask

Grain of Paradise 1 use

Dove Feasts 2 stacked
Giant Tortoise 9 stacked
Roasted Lamb 20 stacked

Applicator: Blue Lace 1 use
Applicator: Brawl 8 stacked
Applicator: Hyena Spots Heavy 2 stacked
Applicator: Hyena Spots Scarce 1 use
Applicator: Hyena Stripes Heavy 2 stacked
Applicator: Hyena Stripes Scarce 2 stacked
Applicator: Inverted Brawl 2 stacked
Applicator: Onyx Lace 1 use
Applicator: Onyx Vitiligo 1 use
Applicator: Red Lace 1 use
Applicator: White Panther 1 use
Brimstone Core 1 use
Date with Manakbir 1 use
Diceros 1 use
Dust: Amethyst 1 use
Dust: Hematite 1 use
Dust: Rhodonite 1 use
Eldritch Immolation 1 use
Ethereal Fur 1 use
Favour of Anubis 1 use
Favour of Bast 1 use
Favour of Seth 1 use
Feast of Saint Patrick 2 stacked
Fossil Fur 4 stacked
Ivory Carvings 2 stacked
Marking Applicator 1 use
Nacre Carvings 1 use
Nacre Lining 1 use
Pose: Snarky [F] 1 use
Possession 1 use
Random Marking Applicator 1 use
Sacred Fur 1 use
Skyward Blessing 1 use
Supernal Fur 1 use
Titanic Fluff 2 stacked
True Titan 1 use

LF: HEIR! Maybe you can help me? <3

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*Scoundrel * (#103167)

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Posted on
2019-07-06 03:10:35 *can reveal hidden marks if costs are covered**can have base changed if requested** also can be base changed into special base if want*

NerdyGeek (#101018)

Bone Collector
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Posted on
2019-07-06 06:37:24

i have this black rose cub on my side account

Soltero (#9059)

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Posted on
2019-07-06 06:39:00
I have this clean patches(fringe) with 400+ stat

Kuma™ (#16165)

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Posted on
2019-07-06 07:14:03

Percy [CL heavenly
vit ferus] (#134561)

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Posted on
2019-07-06 08:15:28
This boyo is a second gen.

He has a chatoyant base currently, diaoptase eyes, royal celestial mane, nine markings (some are low tier), and has been training/patrolling daily for a while.

Let me know if you're interested.

katzen.suite2 (x2
Orchid) (#9586)

King of the Jungle
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Posted on
2019-07-06 14:19:46 (can sell/supply a base changer)

mythh {clean lilac
pie} (#49771)

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Posted on
2019-07-07 08:12:53
Hi there!
So she doesn’t fit *all* requirements but I figured I’d toss her here anyway! She’s skyward base, 3 vits, feline 6 Elysian, sidereal glaze and withered piebald.

the serval spots
💛🌼 (#98320)

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Posted on
2019-07-07 08:14:49
Just a heads up- Breed Only markings are all T2 except celestial/skyward/sidereal, if you want BO marks and base on your heir ask for T2+ :O

tier 0+1 are common ncl marks, tier 2 is raffle breed-only marks, tier 3 is event apps, tier 4 is rosettes, tier 5 is unique raffle apps or gorilla enclave apps/mutation marks like Mottled Rosette, and tier 6 is RMA-exclusive.

GL on your search!

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Grimme (#79085)

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Posted on
2019-07-07 09:35:08
Yo I got these cubs.

Wolf Dusty Star (#128719)

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Posted on
2019-07-07 20:10:47
Marking! I have some cubs coming up in a couple of days! <3 if you're interested in Cairngorm I have one boy here He's cute ;v;

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Svalbard [G2 Ferus] (#129703)

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Posted on
2019-07-07 20:38:48
Both lions offered have been sold:

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Antareon (Noctis
King) (#82590)

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Posted on
2019-07-10 03:43:18
Would this guy interest you? I know he doesn't meet some traits you're looking for...

✨jude✨ (#171970)

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Posted on
2019-07-10 07:59:15 here's a heritageless elysian boy! also this lady, idk if you'd want her but she has a black base ;0

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Tourmaline 🔮 (#28322)

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Posted on
2019-07-11 07:23:36
clean 10M cherry blossom pie

cysm {guess who's
back} (#123595)

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Posted on
2019-07-12 05:22:39 Glass Adol :) very pretty, and sex changeable