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2019-07-12 00:32:45
Hey there! So I've been thinking about making a series of adoptables based on carnival game/claw machine prizes and I actually had a pretty neat idea for how to sell them. I had an idea to somehow make it into a game of its own! What better way to make prize machine related adoptables than to just make a real prize machine where the adoptables are the prizes?

The only trouble is that I'm not sure how I would make something like that work on a forum. I can't really make a text based claw machine
I've had a few ideas but they all kind of rely on chance, and while I know things like raffles etc are okay to host here I'm really not too sure about making any kind of game you have to pay to play where you might not get anything for it. One of my ideas was to make a sort of Battleship inspired grid based game where the prize (in this case the adoptable) will be randomly hidden on a few of the squares. Players would then pay a small fee for a chance to pick a square, and if they pick the square with the prize then they win the adoptable!

But as I said, that leaves a possibility of paying for a chance to win and not getting anything in return for it. Although I was also thinking of having some sort of consolation prize so you at least get something for what you pay to play, but I haven't had any ideas for what to use. Possibly some free large full use carcasses or something? Keeping in mind the fee to play would only be somewhere around 100-200 SB per play, no GB or large sums required! The grids also wouldn't be big and each grid would have multiple chances to win the prize, based on how much each play will cost I would adjust the grid so that the amount earned from a fully cleared grid wouldn't outweigh what the adoptable is worth. If the adoptable was worth 5GB then the grid would be adjusted so that flipping all the tiles will earn 5GB or the equivalent and no more. And of course someone may win the prize before the grid is even fully cleared.

Having said all that I'm hoping that maybe someone who has been around the forums longer than I have might be able to help me come up with something that works? It doesn't even have to be related to my grid based idea, I'm open to any suggestions at all! Ideas for a better game, better consolation prize ideas, I'll take any suggestions or ideas I can get. With proper credit when/if the game comes out of course

I apologize if this sounds rushed or doesn't make much sense, it's currently... 4:13am at my time of writing this lol
I'll go back over this tomorrow and make it more polished when I can actually see better, but in the meantime I'd love to hear what you think of my idea so far
A sample of what sort of adoptables/prizes you can expect and the level of quality they'll have will hopefully also be posted sometime tomorrow~

Thanks for giving this a read!

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