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2019-09-05 18:17:14
Idk how to call this thread but, basically I I'll place all of the threads that I posted in here since I have quite a lot already
I want a lot of people to see the things that I've made and give me their most honest opinions, so hopefully this is ok

Base Suggestions:
First Base Suggestion Thread

Second Base Suggestion Thread (Long Thread)

Golden Genetic Base Suggestion Thread

Northern Lights/Iridescent/Bioluminescent Base Suggestion Thread

Nadir/Elysian/Interstellar × Demiurge Combo Base Suggestion Thread

Phantom Base Suggestion Thread

Markings Suggestions:
Citrine Feline Markings Suggestion Thread

Double Uterus Heats Sale Thread


Doodle Shop Thread

Worm Commissions Thread

Worm Adopts Thread

I'll be updating this thread with time as I keep making more suggestions and such, so yeah

This suggestion has 0 supports and 1 NO support.

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