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The October event launches on October 1st at 00:00am LDT, and will end on October 31st at 11:59pm LDT. All unused event currency will be stored on your account until next year.

October Event - Rabies and Nightmares!

The month of horrible nightmares has arrived once again. October is scary not only due to the terrors of the night, but the most terrifying disease is being spread throughout Lioden's lands - rabies! Rabid animals are noticeable enough - be sure you kill them all to reduce infectivity. Be careful, though, as you may get infected too! Make sure you also beware of exploring at night... the dead do not rest.



Rabid animals can be found in Explore during any time of day in all biomes! Winning fights against them will give you some Blood Beetles; however, whether you win or lose, every battle you partake in against rabid animals can give you RABIES! It's a small chance, but it's always there, so be careful.

There are pros and cons when it comes to rabies. Your energy will not raise above 80% and your main male cannot eat food, whether through Explore or if you try to feed him manually. You can also infect other players through PVP! You may also notice, however, that the rabies-induced rage gives you more strength in battles against NPCs!

In order to cure your rabies, you must buy a Devil's Claw in the Blood Beetle Shack. It costs 2 Blood Beetles and has 4 uses.


The more rabid animals that you kill, the more points you will add to the unlockable bars! There are 4 tiers, with the last tier unlocking a creepy crafting altar under the EVENT page!
Note: Last year's items are returning. Expect new ones as well!

2019 Rabies Updates
* If rabies is active, your main male might start hallucinating and seeing some weird hybrid creatures, even during the daytime! This year, we've introduced a Werelioness! It will count as both a Lion and Primate towards quests.
* A new infected enemy, the Rabid Bat Eared Fox, has been added!


Remember that a cute Trick-or-Treat feature on player den pages starts on October 25th! Here's some wiki info about it!

You are able to dismiss the rabies notification that appears when your main male is rabid. This can be done for 24 hours at a time, or for the entire month of October if you wish. This only happens on the device you dismiss the notification on; it is not tied to your account. If you dismiss the notification on your phone, it will still appear on your computer (or other device), and vice versa. This gives you the opportunity to customise your notices based upon your device.




At night, Halloween-themed creatures appear!

General Information for 2019
* Many new decors have been added to the Blood Beetle Shack that will be unveiled in the Item Catalogue as tiers are unlocked.
* We no longer have decors that cost 5 GB.
* Halloween Bundles will contain new bundle-unique decors!
* Two new decors have been added to the Cryptid Cave encounter!
* New titles have been added to Tier 3 of the Blood Beetle Shack!

New Applicators
Two new applicators have been added to the Blood Beetle Shack.
* Angelic base applicator
* Angelic markings applicator

The Angelic base had a few designs that were trialed, and the community had a lot to say about them! We took time to reflect on the commentary and changed things up based on the community's input. Ultimately, we were inspired by this suggestion! Thank you very much!


Keep in mind that there is a 4th tier that unlocks an area where you craft Shards of Evil into mane applicators. This year, you can craft an Ember markings applicator, but... that's not all...



Incubus Mane Shape!
When Tier 4 unlocks, we will enable a unique Monkey Business crafting recipe that lets you craft the Diabolic mane applicator (Possession) and Hellraiser mane applicator (Invocation) into... an Incubus mane applicator! You will need a few of both to make the new Incubus mane applicator.

This mane is a visual combination of both manes with a sensual twist added! We will update all custom decor areas and .PSDs when the time comes.

The mane is fully prepared for decors and mutations!




Heaven vs Hell lore! This month isn't as giant as July's branching storyline with its choices, and it does not have an ending yet - we're planning to expand on that in the future. We'd LOVE for it to happen next year, as this year turned out to be a "woofy and a half". However, you can side with the Good guys, the Evil guys, or... go neutral!

This year, we hope you will enjoy being introduced to the whole Heaven vs Hell clash, doing daily quests, and picking sides. Don't worry, though - this year's choice won't affect you in future years!

You will meet a Manticore. He will tell you that there is a battle between Heaven and Hell, and he will let you meet either side. Now, be aware that your choice will be permanent to a degree. You won't be able to switch sides between Angels and Demons, but you will be able to postpone the decision and hang out with the Manticore, or even come back to him once you're done with either side!


Heaven and Hell's story will also "expand" on October 10th. They need to observe you first before they can trust you further. They might upgrade your powers if you can show your dedication!


* You will meet a neutral Manticore that will let you pick a side, or not pick a side with the preference to do neutral-aligned quests until you change your mind. You can also choose to never pick a side at all!
* When you choose to side with Heaven or Hell, you will lose access to the Manticore and his shop, unless you buy yourself a way back.
* When you choose a side, you will not be accepted into the opposing faction at any time during this year, even if you go back to the Manticore.
* When you side with the Angels, you will only battle Demons in Explore - and vice versa. The side you choose does not affect October's usual explore encounters, including the Halloween ones.
* You will gather new currency and reputation for the two factions as you fight their enemies and finish their daily quests.
* Reputation will allow you to progress on October 10th as well as unlock FREE REWARDS in the faction's shop, such as energy, titles, currency (we saw Monkey Teeth in there!), etc.
* Each faction uses the opposing faction's trinkets as currency. Demons want Nepheline Feathers and Angels want Demonic Scales.
* The Manticore has no care for the incoming apocalypse and prefers Blood Beetles in his shop.
* The Manticore also has unique decors in his shop, as well as the Bloodbourne mane colour applicator, older decors, and rare non-event items.
* Heaven and Hell both have unique decors in their shops as well as special effect items and energy boosts. The Angelic and Demonic mane colour applicators are in each shop, respectively.
* Heaven will sell angelic decors and items. Hell will sell demonic decors and items.
* Your karma will have a very minor effect when meeting entities. As an evil lion, you can still join Heaven, although the Angels won't be too nice to you. If you choose to join Heaven as an evil lion, for example, remember that some daily quests will require you to gain karma (thankfully you can swap that quest)... and vice versa for Demons with good karma, of course.
* Daily quests will be randomised and rewards as equal as possible no matter which faction you choose. Remember that you do have upgrade perks after October 10th.
* You will have the option to swap a quest if you are not pleased with the one you have been given. The system will pick a different quest from the pool.
* On October 10th, if your reputation with your chosen faction is high enough, the novel will continue and grant you a special power usable in Explore that reaps special rewards! Things will get hardcore.
* If your reputation is not high enough, the novel will inform you that you need to prove yourself via daily quests and the story will not trigger further until you meet that requirement.
* If your reputation with Heaven or Hell reaches various thresholds, you will encounter more Demons or Angels in Explore, respectively.

Be sure to utilise our official Wiki to the fullest during this month!

2019 Updates
* Three new encounters for each faction to battle with and gain special currency!
* New decors in all three faction shops.
* More may be added during October's big update if time allows.
* The rewards for Heaven and Hell quests have been enriched.


Bundle Reminder

This month you are able to purchase a Halloween Bundle for the chance to get between 1 to 3 random Halloween decorations. You can purchase a maximum of 1 Halloween Bundle per day for 1000 SB. You can purchase an unlimited amount for 2 GB each. The Halloween Bundle may contain exclusive rare decors AND a chance for decors that are only dropped via Explore as well!


October Special

From October 1st 00:00am LDT until October 31st 11:59pm LDT, the Oasis sells an adorable Halloween Costume decor! It grants your lions hilarious and adorable costumes that are different for every stage!

** Remember that bases, manes, and markings will appear in the Lion Wardrobe as we get closer to unlocking their specific tiers! **

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