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Posted on 2019-10-04 20:18:51

Community Update:
As we mentioned before, aside from event news and the 2nd Friday of the month being focused on coding/art updates all at once, all other Fridays are centered around the community!


Official Lioden Raffle
LINK - This is our Official Lioden Raffle. Everyone gets a chance to win a rare prize, plus something extra for any runner ups. These raffles have a very minimal ticket price, and there is a limit of 1 ticket per account to make it fair! Good luck!
This raffle will automatically end on 2019-10-11 00:00:00.


Bug Fix Relating to "Journey to Vredefort Crater" Questline
Some of you that are working on the "Journey to Vredefort Crater" questline while also taking on October NPC quests may have noticed that your questline progress has been wiped, or in some cases completely blanked out and is not showing your progress whatsoever. Unfortunately this was due to a rather pesky bug that plagued our coders for a few days until a solid fix was uploaded just before rollover on October 4th. We won't go into too much detail, but we do have good news - if your progress was wiped, please submit a Modbox ticket ASAP to get it reinstated! What would help us greatly is if you could provide the following information within this form.

How much residue do you currently have? (e.g. 7/30)
What "Journey to Vredefort Crater" quest are you currently on?
How far had you progressed with your quest before you noticed your progress was reset? (e.g. 400/500 herbs donated)

The more information you can provide, the better - it really helps us assist you all quickly! We're extremely sorry to anyone that was affected by this bug. A big thank you and many hugs to our coders, our admin team, and all of our lovely players that helped us pin down this bug - hopefully for good.


Wolvden Mailing List
Have you signed up for the Wolvden mailing list yet?

If you haven't, visit https://www.wolvden.com/ and enter your email address to be notified about Wolvden's testing, early access, and release!


Permanent Moderator Applications Reminder
We'd like to take a moment to remind everyone that our voluntary moderator applications are permanently open and can be found at the bottom of the Modbox, or through this direct link: Moderator Application Form

If you're the type that strives to better your community and you want to help Lioden be the best site it can be, we'd love for you to apply!

Keep in mind that you must be at least 18 years of age and have played Lioden for at least 6 months in order for us to consider your application.


Raffle Lioness

Congrats Night (#116886)! You have won last week's Noctis lady, woo!
A new Pearl lady with Feline 1 Noctis, Feline 2 Noctis, and the FIRST The Serengeti background is up for impressing in the Special Lioness area linked here!

Bktzp.png naimwde.png HDmcFmB.png

Shad has added new tags this week in the October category!

Poll Results - Out of all three Moss Agate suggestions, it looks like Number 2 was the winner! We'll be implementing Number 3 as something else in the future since it seemed to be so popular as well.

NEW POLL - Are you guys interested in a magenta recolour of the existing Soulfire decor? If you are, it will be added to Tier 3 of the Blood Beetle Shack this year!


Next Big Update: October 11th!

Friday goofy doodle comic:



Midas Inactive until
Sunday (#176378)

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Posted on
2019-10-04 20:19:05
first first first

Arduska (#262)

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Posted on
2019-10-04 20:19:09
woot! so excited!

⚔️ M (#122111)

Lone Wanderer
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Posted on
2019-10-04 20:19:13
First ?!!?

#ZERO [Interstellar
Shreds] (#162801)

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Posted on
2019-10-04 20:19:15
first page! :D

Gal⭐️ (#142031)

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Posted on
2019-10-04 20:19:16
Top page listing

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Dreamweave (Strato
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Posted on
2019-10-04 20:19:17
New news post woot

🐺The Fallen
Angel🐺 (#63935)

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Posted on
2019-10-04 20:19:17
oooo new update!!

Edit: i love the comic Lol

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[frozen] (#152661)

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Posted on
2019-10-04 20:19:18

Amber (#179841)

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Posted on
2019-10-04 20:19:20
Ooh update!!!

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Jayde 💙 Clean
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Posted on
2019-10-04 20:19:21
LMAO the comic XD

inactive account (#165532)

Good Natured
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Posted on
2019-10-04 20:19:48
yay the news!

Roxanne (Clean
Mosaic) (#125490)

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Posted on
2019-10-04 20:20:58
Are user submitted raffle designs still being used?

Admin Response:
Yes they are. We've been doing our own designs with the release of the Noctis raffle markings, however. We don't always pick player designs as the "User Raffle Lioness Designs" thread states!

Mange 2.0 4.8k
primal (#160856)

Nice Guy
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Posted on
2019-10-04 20:21:04
THE Comic isa full mood

Deerpaw (#166783)

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Posted on
2019-10-04 20:21:10
yay Wolvden!

Tara Itsasecret (#61198)

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Posted on
2019-10-04 20:21:15
So excited about the Agate base

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