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2019-10-16 17:04:45
Been needin help about this for a while! I've had 6~ years of experience with writing, so its kinda-literate! N writing prices aren't particularly set in stone on LD, so i'm curious!
here's an example! it's a short-warm-up, not a real story or anythin! But I enjoy doin em :>

“ Abbeline Francis, “
Sariel addressed the oncoming lion without looking at him. A deep huff escaping his lips and onto the dauntingly chilling air. His wings resting to his sides, perfectly preened- regal, in appearance. A smile daring to tug at Sariels features as he swiveled around to face the other.
” Lo and behold, you return- what is it for this time? “
He hummed, pressing his paws against the frostbitten ground. His glowing white eyes almost looking like little extra moons in the sky from afar. Taking not another second to bombard Abbeline with suggestions;
” Power? Food? Money? Ohhh, oh~! Do you come here to ask about that dastardly ’ Celestial God ’, Apedemak? “ He hissed, continuing, ” No no no, I have nothing to do with that false prophet! It wounds me that you would even think of such a thing! “
Sariel swiftly pushed himself up, his attention flashing back to the full moon that hung in the sky. Illuminating the savannahs below in a brilliant white sheen. Stirring the life below into the peaceful everlasting blanket that is sleep. Though Abbeline stayed silent as he trudged across the rocky outcrops of the cliff, head lowered in mild amusement at the king’s sporadic guesses. Until Abbeline found himself almost right next to the king, the crisp air of oncoming autumn brushing through his mane.
Allowing Sariel to continue his rant;

” Gah! Apedemak- Apollyon- they leave such a repulsive sour taste in my mouth! I mean, what kind of ‘God’ endangers their own kingdom? “ The hypocrisy of Sariels words hung heavy in the air around them, like venom- seeping into every small nook and cranny. Though he seemed not to notice it.
” What kind of leader refuses their own kingdom- their own pride, their own FAMILIES- the wonders of the moonlight? Of the mother? What kind of monster allows themselves to corrupt such a perfect world!? “ Sariel spat, a paw shooting up to motion to the land below. The, what seemed like- peaceful land. Where no conflict had broken out for years, everything living in perfect harmony due to the fear he had instilled upon everything about the outside world.

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