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2019-10-18 00:21:33

The Fallen Stranger

You stumble upon a lake illuminated by golden light. From the light an albino lioness with fangs far longer than your own seems to flutter down...ungracefully. A large appendage casts a shadow protecting your eyes from the sunlight.

What is this place?

The land around you seems hazy, but the lioness before you stand clear as she folds her large white wing against her side. Is she an angel? Angels don't have scars and normally have two glowing feathered wings? This one has one seems to have one missing, ripped from her side, the side she turns away from you.

But you never get the chance to ask her who she is...nor does she give you a name. Her voice echos with an eerie tone, yet it is alluring. Perhaps she isn't so bad.

She is but the stranger between realms and you've seem to stumble upon her place.

Hopefully you haven't died and entered purgatory...


I am, but a stranger from the high heavens. I shall not bore you with the details of my origin. Know that I am here to stay fellow lion. I wish to sell my custom decor to all of lion kin here on the mortal plane. If you turn back you can leave. Do not fear, you are not stuck. Please consider what I offer, perhaps you and I can help each other.

Items for Sell: Hoarder's Yard

I have yet to finish my first decor, I appreciate your patients mortal, I shall be done as soon as time allows. I take suggestions if there are things you'd like to see in the future.

May you walk peacefully.

Current Available Decors
Future Plans
*Ferus Feral Ridge

Modeled by: Nimi


Thank you for stopping by mortal, may we cross paths again...

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