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2019-10-21 08:46:04

Disclaimer: I- in NO way- do Art on the regular, I just happen to be slightly knowledgable of anatomical differences between SOME species!
> I will be roughly classifying different parts of families together, to keep it simple- plus most animals in a family have similar structure! FEEL FREE to request any help/added section on another animal!
I WILL START OFF WITH THE BASICS in NO particular order!



-Canidae (Domestic Dogs, Wolves, Foxes, Jackals, etc)
-Felidae (Domestic Cats, Big Cats, Small Cats)
-Hyaenidae (Hyenas)



- Typically "longer" paws than Felines
- Skull shapes follow a trend, but have slightly altered features
- Bottom canine teeth usually fold "over" top teeth


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2019-11-08 15:38:28
Can you do reptilians?(If possible, don't wanna be pushy or anything).