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2019-12-03 09:29:14
Not sure how to word this or anything but here goes nothing.

Im going to raffle off a bunch of Items. The way you enter is simple.
I like decorations and applicators. Gift it to me through my den, DONT make it anonymous though!! As i will be counting every single one!

•Rare/Event Decorations count as 10-50 tickets. (Ranges that far in case there are custom decors being put in my den)
•Common/Explore Decor is 1 ticket.
•Natural Glass is 65 tickets.
•Only gem I want is meteorite. Those are 5 tickets.
•Applicators count as 50-500 tickets. (Again, ranges in case there is a really rare one out there)
•(If youre nice) Buffalo scrotums, lion scrotums, and ochre gnawrocks are 800 tickets each.

Now, i wont be able to count anyones items until december 25th but I plan on making this huge. And picking up to 5 winners.

What is being raffled off?
X1 Supernal Base Applicator
X5 Gregorius Mark Applicators (locust markings)
KiKi, a Frozen Pon. Clicky
NEW at 100 bundles achieved!
X1Supernal Mane Applicator
X1Heavenly Blessing
X1Ammonite Body

Every 100 Bundles, ill add 3 more items to the list of stuff to win.

I wont be counting items not on the list. Unless you message me about it.

The items being buried are meant to be a surprise, so please dont ask me to add items to the list.


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2019-12-03 10:41:42