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2019-12-03 11:30:43
Was tossing around ideas with a friend (thanks for getting the creative juices going Shadow!!) and thought of this!

I dub thee...

Alternative names could include Scales or Scutes

Shown above in Onyx on Albino and Murk bases!
It is intended to be a more complex alternative to Crackle, with a bit more personality to it
(dont listen Crackle ilu <33)

** NOTE TO XYLAX/ADMINS: I'll be adding a mockup on the proper marking request form when I can! It's final exams and I allowed myself a 1 hour break to go crazy and make this initial mockup, but I'll add the formal one when I can! <333

Planned edits
After some great feedback from Krya (<33), I've got some edits planned for when I have the time:
• Stagger back scutes a bit to Reduce Ham Feeling
• Break up belly scutes into two smaller rows for 1-2 rows before fading out
• Maybe fit them more tightly together over-all?


Hypothetically, they could be fully breed-only markings, or they'd be crafted out of Crocodile Scales, which can be a drop from the May Championships Arena:


Crocodile should come in a variety of natural and less natural colors- I would assume it would be a similar color list to the Cheetah Royal applicator, but I made my own additions:

The current hypothetical lineup would beBlack, Cream, Gold, Ginger, Onyx, Noctis, Steele and Tan Crocodile, to provide a variety of colors for most designs be it on an applicator or breed-only.

I also included Lilac Crocodile as a 100% breed-only marking- Lilac is full of applicable/Piety markings made BO, so I can see it fitting right in with Points and Siamese! ;3 However, I would completely understand if Lilac is excluded period to keep all Crocodile marks in one applicator, if they go that route.

I personally would not recommend having Crocodile appear in Applicator/Event colors- adding Cheetah Royal to Angelic and adding Inverted Brawl to Scoundrel were both confusing additions. In my opinion, this should be limited when possible.

Some more Mockups!

Murk base with Noctis Crocodile:

Murk base with Tan Crocodile:

Onyx base with Steele Crocodile:

Onyx base with Lilac Crocodile:

Maziwa base with Ginger Crocodile:

Maziwa base with Gold Crocodile

This suggestion has 69 supports and 4 NO supports.

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Posted on
2019-12-03 11:43:42
I love this so much aaaaa

the serval spots
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Posted on
2019-12-03 13:48:17

KyraG ||Clean
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2019-12-03 15:14:17
Oh this is a neat idea! However, I can't help but think, well...

a literal holiday ham

I think part of the problem for me is that we can't see the prominences on the scutes. Another problem is the sheer uniformity of it - it's roughly the same size the whole way down the side, with no variation of size or the appearance of the itty bitty scutes as seen on a crocodilian:

Crocodile skin

So while I think there's nothing that can be done about making the scutes have that raised appearance, I think breaking up the shapes into more individual bits would definitely give it the character you're going for. Because the idea itself?

//chef kiss

giv me my scales

Agryo [BLM] (#70050)

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Posted on
2019-12-03 15:52:41
(Re-postimg this here for those interested!! Had replied on Discord)

I can't update it rn or for a few days because I'm studying for finals, but I can see what you mean chvjvjch! I'll probably break the rows in two near the bottom- I can't get too complicated because this is a marking and would need to be redone on all bases/muties/poses, and I doubt Xylax would consider adding it if it's too complex, + it needs to show the marking color decently (it was hard to get a lighter base scute + darker central ridge when it'd make most of an Onyx mark muddy-looking). No need for a redline, I'll get to it when I can! ^^ Thanks for the feedback!

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Posted on
2019-12-03 16:39:47

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Posted on
2019-12-07 12:28:17
That‘s sooo cool, supporting!