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2019-12-03 16:51:30
Alright, before I get to the primary reason for posting this thread, need to shed light on one of my biggest faults: have never been able to use references. Have tried so many times and find myself in the same boat each immense mental pain. The best way to describe what's going on is the opposite of Aphantasia. Can imagine vivid images in my head with little troube but, when it comes to trying to use references to help with the missing pieces, my head erupts in pain. It seriously drives me insane.

The primary reason: really want to improve my art but, with everything being reference and life focused, for somebody like me that presents a major challenge and one not easy to overcome. This has proved to make my dream to be a semi-realistic artist just that. What I'd love to do is try to overcome this and draw to draw without my head screaming at me in pain to stop. With references not an option, the question I want to ask is; how would one go about drawing fur of various lengths in lineart that looks relatively realistic?

Current W.I.P:

Would love to be able to make this guy's fur actually look like fur without having to paint incredible amounts of detail. Just enough so the flats have some texture. There aren't any tutorials out there that could descibe this.

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2019-12-04 13:15:02
I have (and am still) struggling similar problems with my drawings, so I thought to share what has helped me a lot.

It's really hard to look a photo and transform that into lineart and flat colors since the real world doesn't have anything like them. So when I'm struggling issues like this, I collect a lot of different artist and art styles which looks good to me and then analyze what makes their art so great. If I would have problems with drawing fur, I would gather a lot of really good fur art and analyze why I like it and what they do differently to me. Of course this doesn't mean you can just copy their style, but rather learn from it. And since there is so many different ways to draw fur, it's good to look at as many styles as possible.

Also, speedpaints, drawing videos, live streams and tutorials could be a great help, specially when you approach them with critical and analytical point of view.

And also, also: you could try many different styles and techniques, even if they aren't that realistic, since you can learn a lot from them too.

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Posted on
2019-12-20 13:23:40
my best advice would be to style longer fur into clumps, for now. individual strands is something that, unfortunately, is better done lineless, but if thats how you wanna go, then go lineless! use a sketch layer to block out shapes of the animal, then go over with just color on a separate layer

also, if you follow thebperson above's advice, dont *just* look at other artists work, also look at real lions as well. as good as an artist can be with stylization, trying to emulate stylization without having a grasp on real anatomy ends up with poor proportions