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2020-01-27 14:49:35
Quick February Tips and Links

The basic technique for February is to grind, use the flirt function, and efficiently use as much energy as possible.

For explore encounters, check the wiki to choose the option with the biggest HS reward.
DO NOT battle encounters for HS, there is usually another options that rewards HS and the 10% energy loss for battling isn't worth it.

Bone Marrow grants 20% energy for 80sb from Monkey Business, use once a day.
Roasted Lambs can be purchased from other players. Do not pay above 6 or it is more cost efficient to just purchase energy boosts.
Energy Root grants 100% energy for 2GB from the Oasis. Borderline not worth it if you can buy 20HS for 2Gb. If HS price rises about 10HS = 1GB, it might be worth it.
Meat Pie grants 100% energy five times and is gifting to players on their signing up anniversary. Similar to Energy Root, only buy if per use is 2GB or less, and be sure to check uses. They're often not sold at good deals so barely worth your effort to purchase.
Take DIFFICULT Gorilla Enclave Quest for 60% Energy. Most cubs can easily be bought in trading center for less than 100.
Consider changing your personality to Hyperactive, which grants "daily button to gain 30% energy if energy below 70%". The mask to change can be bought at personality snake for 400sb.

Hyena Butter lowers the chance for NCL encounters in explore for 100sb from Monkey Business, cost is likely only worth it if you use a full bar++. Examples, if you have a full energy bar then use a energy root, or level up your king, or complete enclave quest.
If you have any lionesses below 25% fertility that you must breed, chasteberry them up to at least 25% fertility. Energy is incredibly valuable this month, don't waste it on breeding difficult lionesses.

If there's a time to purge your pride, it's now. Don't want to be wasting energy breeding potatoes.

If you get stud requests consider raising price or raising fertility requirements.

Part of the event is you can flirt every 15 minutes for HS and slap incoming flirts within 15 minutes for HS. If you have free time, set a timer for less than 15 minutes so you can flirt every 15 and slap all incoming flirts.

DO NOT DO IT. It’s a complete waste of HS. It’s cost 20HS to battle to get like 90sb, that same 20HS is worth 2GB. Just sell the HS if you need GB.

HS Price
Likely 10HS to 1GB, not likely to change too much from this because at a certain point it would be more cost efficient to just buy energy boosts than buy HS from other players.

-Buy Breeding Items, I would invest more in the non-yohimbe breeding items
-I'll update which apps are good to buy
-Don't buy tigon/leopon heats or use you HS for Yohimbes for this unless you want a Tigon/Pon or if marks are extra special, in the current market you're more likely to loose money on lions than make.
-If there's a lion or item you want you can likely use HS as leverage to buy it.

Feel Free to ask any questions, I'll answer to the best of my ability.

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Posted on
2020-01-31 12:25:50
Thank you for this I need all the advice I can get. Tho with the tigon heat stuff, I am participating in a heat as I’m hoping to get a tigon. But even the fail cubs will be born with mottled stripes and mottled rosette :3 and I’m hoping the stud will be double or triple rosette. I’m also using a crunchy worm hoping to get the tigons special base (doubt I’ll be lucky but can always hope :3) there will be at least 3 cubs. I’m splitting the litter with a friend, the fail cub(s) will be birthday gifts :3 if I’m miraculously lucky enough to get 2 tigons, I’ll give my friend one of them ^.^

Dalton 🖤
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Posted on
2020-01-31 13:02:04
Best of luck Akashi! Be sure to make sure the deal is clear of who gets crunchy and triple rosette!

BEETLES!!! (#189846)

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Posted on
2020-01-31 13:45:25
Thank you!

I’m paying for the full litter, and the player has done this before with repeat customers, so all cubs will go to me, and I’ll split the litter with my friend once I have the cubs :3 I’m able to txt my friend so we can discuss how to split the litter, if only 1 tigon is born then I’ll be keeping it, if 2 then we will both get one :3

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Posted on
2020-02-05 17:47:23

You have done a great service