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2020-03-09 20:12:45
I’ve been playing for, well, as long as it says. Less than a month but I feel like I have a hang of the basics? My friend who used to play has been assisting me in my basic understanding but it’s been years since she actually played and also does not know what half of the things are. Like when I got my heir (current king) I was asking her if smilus kings were like good or something (can’t remember) and she just said “What’s a smilus?” Because apparently when she played there was only the normal primal. ._.
Anyway back to the point. I might have questions occasionally that my friend can’t answer and I would appreciate if someone could help me out! Thanks!!

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Rappadapa (#159680)

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Posted on
2020-03-09 20:59:15
I can try to help you out! I don't know everything despite being here awhile, but I can do my best!