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2020-03-21 13:54:35

Ok, so I had this Idea for a while now and I haven't found anything similar in the suggestions. (I also hope I put this in the right sub-forum ) If this is something that has already been suggested (or rejected), just let me know and I'll yeet this into the bin.

Sooo, I guess everyone knows that in explore the eyecolor is the same as the one on your main lion? But what about the Base? It's always the same muddy brown, even if your lion has a Ethereal or a Noctis Base.
My Suggestion:
Change the color of the fur in explore to the one your lion actually has. - But wait!

1. Eww.

I'm sure there are people who like having the current brown fur color in explore even if their lion has a different one, or they just don't like this suggestion for whatever reasons.
I think this feature should only be able to be bought in the Oasis for 10 or 15 with a toggleable button, in case your next king has a base that you don't want to see in explore. So people who don't like this don't get affected and people who buy this will always have the option to toggle this on and off whenever they want.
Also a personal opinion: This could be a oppournity to update the art/ fur texture of the explore UI. I think it looks a little bit outdated compared to the newer art we get.

2. 200+ Bases...

Everyone knows we have more than 200 Bases and more are always coming. I'm absolutly against the Idea of making a unique fur coloring for every single base. I don't want our dear lioden artists having bleeding fingers.
So let's add only recolors for the following color Groups:

Black Dark
Black Medium
Black Light

Cream Dark
Cream Medium
Cream Light

Golden Dark
Golden Medium
Golden Light

Red Dark
Red Medium
Red Light

These are still 12 different recolors, but it is way more realistic than demanding over 200 recolors for a suggestion. I know there are some bases that are in the same color group but look entirely different, for example: Haze and Noctis (Both are Black Dark Solid). Or maybe you have a lion with a Interstellar base but you covered the base with markings so your king looks natural?
That's what the suggested toggle button is for, you can always switch back to the standard brown.

3. Mockups!

I made a few mockups for this, but beware... they are really ugly. I also don't know if the entire UI should be colored or just the mane part?

Black Dark


Cream Light


Golden Medium


Red Dark


This suggestion has 104 supports and 6 NO supports.

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✨ Leopard ✨ (#184054)

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Posted on
2020-03-21 13:58:01
Omg! This is super cool, might be hard though. I LOVE the red one! Support!

aughingFox (#171995)

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Posted on
2020-03-27 02:56:01
This Is Such A Great Idea

ᴇᴜɢᴇɴᴇ (#179103)

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Posted on
2020-03-30 04:38:21
Fur only colored looks greater. Support! ^^