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Maliv⨈ (#49415)

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2020-03-24 09:40:07
This is really just an aesthetic change, but here it is anyway.

In your kings' dynasty page, you'll notice he has a halo and a heavenly background. My suggestion is that depending on his karma, he could get something else.

So for example, to a certain point of negative karma, he could have a hellish background or horns, etc. Positive karma and he would get the heavenly bg and halo.

As for neutral kings, I don't know- if you have any ideas I'll be glad to edit them in! Maybe kings with especially high or low karma get an expression according to their karma, as well as wings, while neutral kings have no expression and only a halo?
Also if this is already a suggestion that's been posted, please link it to me and I'll look it over.

This suggestion has 51 supports and 2 NO supports.

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Hyenabomb (#152275)

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2020-05-20 08:02:34
Sure, why not. I have a lore pride on my side with a king in my dynasty that literally became a demonic vessel after October so this would really fit

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Rowantree (clean) (#198554)

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2020-05-23 06:37:04
I guess for neutral it'd be inspired by the idea of purgatory?