Posted by Tigon Heat Raffle! [Buffy Scrote Provided!]

Samurai Jax
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2020-03-26 11:49:15

Mobile butchered the description, but the rules are as follows (and can also be seen in the Gon's bio!)

"Ok, Lioden is being weird but the gist of the rules is
- This is the last gon heat im raffling. You must win the aloe leaf!
- All takes rules, not split-litter
- She must be bred on the day of her heat. To ensure this, I will using my own stud
- This may end early Depending on entries
- It will be a traditional studding
- The buffy scrote is for the breeding but you can choose not to use it if you wish
- items like crbs are not allowed, but everything else is

Sorry for all the messages, good luck!"

Good luck!

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