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2020-05-05 19:13:16
So i have been thinking about Primal's a lot lately. I really love that this game has included some large cats from beyond the grave. But that got me thinking about CAVE LIONS. So i just had to try my hand at making one.

Now there are a few different types of prehistoric lions to work with however the most well known are the Eurasian cave lion (Panthera leo spelaea) and the American lion (Panthera leo Atrox).

Below we can see the lions mentioned above next to a human, neat!

So let me show you guys my process. remember when drawing animals it's always a good idea to use skeletons and ref pictures. so let's begin!

So far so good. i'm no in love with this one. Let's try again!

I like this a lot better. Time for fur!

OK! we've got a base. As for colors, cave lions have been drawn with some interesting face markings on caves by humans long gone. Here's a picture of that.

Here is my rendition of a Cave lion.

Let me know what you think about this all in the comments.
Do you like this idea of a prehistoric lion among the residences of Lioden?

Edit 1.

I feel the need to provide the references involved beyond the cave paintings. I have had very little formal training beyond a few base college courses for graphic design and am by no means an expert.

the skeleton i referenced is of Panthera leo atrox. the colors i referenced in my drawing are also for Panthera leo atrox. I used visual and written references.

A skeleton retrieved at La Brea Tar Pits, Los Angeles.

Live reconstruction.

A profile of a jaguar.

Better look at their pattern.

Another artist's rendition used for inspiration.

This suggestion has 136 supports and 5 NO supports.

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Mots - RP please? (#5378)

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Posted on
2020-05-05 19:22:24
That's pretty interesting.

There are some images of the cubs from the cave lion and they look very similar to the lions of today in appearance. And they looked pretty fuzzy, so the extra fur on the body of an adult is feasible, especially if they were in the colder climates with our ancestors.

Pigeon (#39043)

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Posted on
2020-05-05 19:26:24
I love cave lion and im voting that this becomes a thing

MoonaTan (#197041)

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Posted on
2020-05-05 22:13:31
It's true that we have frozen cubs. The problem is how young they were when they died. We're not very sure how the adults would have looked. We can defer to living ancestors as references however knowing what the creature looked like in life is still a mystery. We do know the likely hood of them having dense fur, like that of snow leopards or amur tigers, would have probably been likely given the cold climate. Thanks to those cubs we were able to piece together they had reddish fur. There are people who would like to see the DNA of those cubs go towards bringing the Cave lions back like Jurassic park, along with their steppe counterparts to parts of Russia. It is a very exciting time to be a paleoartist right now regardless. @Mots

Admiral Potato [G1
Arabica] (#160098)

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Posted on
2020-05-05 23:04:27
I think I've already seen a few threads which are suggesting Cave lions as a primal mutation, I don't know why we need another one. Also, the hind legs are looking kinda weird

sleepyalpine . blm (#112180)

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Posted on
2020-05-07 17:52:21
^ i don’t see why the artist needs criticism on the artwork they worked hard on to give us a visual of what cave lions may look like, admiral.. that’s not really needed and it’s kind of rude, to say the least. it might just be their style.

as for the mutation itself, i support this suggestion because i haven’t seen other cave lion mutations. i love the detail you put into making the lineart, base, etc, and i love the marking that i assume would be cave lion exclusive, as well as the darker rosettes on their coat. i like this cave lion because the lower front teeth are a bit bigger, unlike the canines in primal’s being longer than the lower front teeth. i think that makes this design super unique and i’d love to see this mutation implemented, as a primal variant, or as its own mutation.

Admiral Potato [G1
Arabica] (#160098)

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Posted on
2020-05-08 00:36:31
I don't know how the word "weird" is rude, but what do I know. English is not my first language.
If someone is making a suggestion, we should be able to critic it.
The hindleg that is behind the body seems fine to me, so I thought the hindleg that is infront of the body is drawn like that intentional.
I also would handle this mutation like all the other primals, there shouldn't be a special base or marking. It would put this mutation on a similar level as a hybrid.

sleepyalpine . blm (#112180)

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Posted on
2020-05-08 00:45:05
i didn’t mean any offense! perhaps it came off wrong. of course you can critic a suggestion, but the artwork is an example and might have been anatomical error over anything, since we don’t 100% know for sure what cave lions looked like! if it is a primal variation, i agree that there doesn’t have to be a special base/marking, perhaps the base and/or marking can be suggested separately.

edit: the hind legs may also look off due to the pose of the cave lion ! figured i’d mention.

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Insyndiar [BLM] (#90996)

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Posted on
2020-05-10 19:01:43
i'd love to see more primals going around

here's my take on it!
- note; used same refs, there were no manes on these bois, and that skeletal mount is a bit wack (mostly in the hind end)
- if you wanna toggle through these at your own pace// see how they all line up; be my guest, just dont steal em and make em into lineart or something lol:


muscle (i was struggling lol):



it looked gross so I did a few of my own tweaks, mostly in the bum area:


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Warg the wolf (#113370)

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Posted on
2020-05-17 09:54:17
As good as it may look... I dont think we need more primal variations. The game is pretty flooded with more or less unwanted primal variations as is. I feel like bringing in even more is absolutely pointless.