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2020-05-23 08:29:50


I have a beautiful Chartreux stud available, Laguna Matata.
The fee is currently set at 300 or 1

To make a combo base, Laguna can be bred with the following females;
Qahir = Buff, Cameo, Hallowed, Russet
Cloudburst (Wet season only) = Albino
Base (Skin): Chartreux (Black)
Genetics: Black Light Countershaded Rare
Eyes: Dawn
Mane Type: Hellraiser
Mane Color: Celestial

Slot 1: Feline 7 Elysian (57%)
Slot 2: Noctis Ghost Feralis (41%)
Slot 5: Onyx Cowl (23%)
Slot 7: Noctis Points (47%)
Slot 9: Under White 4 (69%)

Feel free to message me if you have any inquiries!

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