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2020-08-01 20:50:17
Meanings and reasons for naming certain bases, manes, eyes, and other things. (Not doing obvious ones like white, onyx, etc.)
Some people may already know these, but don't be rude about it
Ammonite - extinct relatives of Natilius species
Anjeer - type of fig
Arabica - type of coffee plant
Ardor - passion
Asali - Swahili name meaning sweet like honey
Aufeis - German for Ice on top, or overflow
Augur - portend to a good or bad outcome / religious role
Bisque - French soup
Cairngorm - smoky quartz
Chatoyant - cats eye effect in gemstones
Deira - an area in the city of Dubai
Dhahabi - historian
Dikela - place in South Africa
Dinar - coin
Elysian - relating to heaven or paradise
Fulvous - reddish yellow
Jacinthe - orange
Kimanjano - alternate form of a njano/yellow
Luteo - orange colored
Maziwa - milk
Merlot - wine grape
Mobola - tropical evergreen
Nacarat - red orange color
Nacre - mother of pearl
Nadir - point on a celestial sphere directly below the observer
Nudar - gold
Qahir - conqueror
Shedua - evergreen tree
Sidereal - distant stars
Temporal - relating to time
Udara - fruit
Ukame - drought
Xanthic - yellow
Zarafshan - city in Uzbekistan
Zarin - made of gold
Zivar - ornament made of gold or silver

Mane shapes
Barbary - north African costal region
Incubus - male succubus
Katanga - one of the eleven provinces of the democratic republic of congo
Pariah - outcast
Regent - temporary ruler
Transvaal - province of South Africa
Tsavo - named after a pair of maneless maneating lions in the tsavo region of Kenya

Bismuth - chemical element
Cognac - brandy
Crepuscular - active around dawn and dusk
Richard - circular feature in the adrar plateau
Sinoper - reddish mineral
Sodalite - blue gem
Struthio - ostrich genus

Comment if you have any that you want to add

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2020-08-01 23:56:28
Dinar-type of coin
Sidereal-distant stars (not including the sun)

Barbary-North African Coastal Region
Regent-temporary ruler, usually until a royal heir is old enough to rule

Sinoper-reddish mineral
Sodalite-blue gem
Crepuscular-active around dawn and dusk
Struthio-ostrich genus